WATCH: Arkansas Woman Stumbles Upon 8-Point Buck Stuck in Garage

by Jonathan Howard
Getty Images

There are hunters that will go an entire season without seeing a buck, let alone an 8-pointer. One Arkansas woman found a buck in her garage. Just like that, the deer of many people’s dreams was just there, stuck in the garage. You think you know what you would do when the outdoors comes inside, but you don’t really know.

Of course, this wasn’t something to celebrate, but still, how often do you get to see an animal like this so close? Whatever reason that Arkansas buck had to be in the garage, it quickly regretted it. The family was home and tried their best to get the animal outside where it belonged. That’s easier said than done.

Joseph Mills with the Benton Animal Control office in Benton, Arkansas responded to the call. The animal officer was shocked at what he heard on the phone and even more shocked to see it in person. When duty calls, you have to answer and that’s exactly what Mills did.

“A lady called and said a buck deer was in her garage and had his antlers stuck in the shelves,” the Arkansas animal control officer said.

As you can see in the video, they tried to help the deer move on its way with a pole. However, the animal refused to move. Thankfully, this turned out to have a good ending. After all that the beast had been through, this buck didn’t even have the energy to be difficult.

Arkansas Buck Became Friendly

When Mills heard about the situation, he thought for sure that it was overblown. In his line of work, that often happens. No big deal. He quickly found out this was different. Not just the standard call.

“There’s got to be a catch somehow,” he thought to himself. “I’m thinking she maybe had seen something she thought was a deer she heard a noise that was a raccoon, something like that, but year. We walked in and there is an actual 8-point buck standing in the garage.”

The deer ended up being more cooperative than you would think. Mills was able to grab it by the antlers, a risky move, but the animal was tired and accepted the assistance. This Arkansas buck was a big docile after the ordeal it had gone through.

As for Mills, he got an experience that he says he won’t get again.

“I’ll probably never get to pet a wild buck ever again in my life, especially one of that size.”

According to KARK, Game and Fish officials in Arkansas believe that the buck may have given itself a concussion. However, it was released into the wild and should be just fine. A nice happy ending to a wild story that these folks won’t forget.