WATCH: Australian Wedding Ceremony Delayed as Two Angry Kangaroos Fight Nearby

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Roz Bannan)

Weddings aren’t usually dangerous affairs. However, one Australian nuptial event had to face delays recently when two uninvited guests started to get unruly. Breaking out into a brawl minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to begin.

The wedding ceremony, which was scheduled to take place in the New South Wales Jervis faced a temporary delay as some area wildlife stole the attention from the couple. The wild event happened earlier this week when two battling kangaroos went toe-to-toe with each other.

The battle pulled the attention away from the planned nuptials. All of the guests turned their attention to the fighting kangaroos that were sparring off on the sidelines. Some of the guests were thinking quickly on their feet, quickly moving to record the unusual pre-wedding confrontation.

Weddings Are All Fun And Games … Until The Kangaroos Start To Fight

Among the wedding guests who recorded the hilarious kangaroo battle that halted the Australian wedding is radio host and comedian, Mitch Churi. Churi had some hilarious commentary to add to his video clip. Cracking plenty of jokes as the kangaroos exchanged a flurry of gut punches and wild kicks.

“Weddings are all fun and games until the guests start to fight,” Churi jokes in the clip. According to the comedian, this unusual battle broke out just minutes before the ceremony was set to get underway.

Mitch Churi’s commentary on the video clip is hilarious. The perfect addition to the already comical situation. Churi peppers the clip with comments like, “we’re all family now! C’mon!” as he hilariously gasps in response to each punch and kick.

At one point, however, Churi points out that it looks as if the kangaroos are done with their fight and that they may be ready to kiss and make up. However, it becomes clear that this is definitely not the case the moment one of the kangaroo’s lands another gut-punch kick

“Everybody stopped looking for the bride and groom,” Churi remembers of the incident. “And spent 20 minutes watching the fight.”

Kangaroos Can Be Fierce Competitors

Reports from the Queensland Department of Environment and Science, note that both male and female kangaroos grow to sizes that are quite large. This makes the marsupials powerful animals that are very capable of injuring people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Additionally, mama kangaroos who have joeys old enough to be out of the pouch can get very aggressive in their efforts to protect the young.