WATCH: Baby Pigs Can’t Get Enough of Their Playground Slide at Farm Sanctuary

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

If you’re searching for an extra dose of happiness today, we have just what you need—a video of baby pigs enjoying a slide on their personal playground.

The video, which highlights a group of piglets living in the Rose Bridge Farm Sanctuary, is currently going viral for all the right reasons. It shows several of the animals happily lining up and surfing down a wavy slide in their enclosure, and they really seem to enjoy it. So people can’t get enough.

The sanctuary rescues animals like goats, cows, and peacocks from slaughterhouses or abusive situations and gives them a home where they allow them to live their best lives. And, the video above showcases just how piglets prefer to spend their time.

“I can’t stop watching,” commented animalsbetheirvoice. “This is why I come to TikTok,” added user8792649537050.

“Omg, where is this heaven??” Leah Landi766 asked.

To answer her question, the Rose Bridge Sanctuary is located in Dresher PA. People are welcome to visit the facility. And while they’re there, they can see much more than playground piglets. They can also bottle-feed baby goats, cuddle with cows, and go glamping.

Pennsylvania Animal Rescue Posts a Second Baby Pic Video

The video has earned over 700k views since its posting last week, which led the sanctuary to give some more information on the baby pigs’ fun.

Yesterday, the page posted another clip of the tiny animals playing on their slide. But this time, it showed behind the scene’s footage to give some further insight.


Some have asked to see how the pigs get up and some want the weeee sound. This is the farm where we got the pigs. Which do you prefer? #weee #fun #fyp #teachthemyoung #piggy #playground

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“Some have asked to see how the pigs get up and some want the weeee sound,” reads the caption. “This is the farm where we got the pigs. Which do you prefer?”

In the second clip, we can see the five piglets scrambling up a wooden ramp and fighting for their place in line. One almost falls off the ledge while trying to get dibs. But it luckily pulls itself back up and makes it down the slide.

Of course, people loved the second clip just as much as the first. But mostly they’re happy to see the animals enjoying such an idyllic life. And the video helped direct some much-needed attention to the facility.

After a few people commented that they’d love to be a pig parent, the rescue shared that those dreams can become a reality. But they’ll have to wait a bit longer for these particular piglets.

“Most of the animals are available for adoption,” it wrote. “Not the babies yet though.”