WATCH: Baby Rattlesnake Trails Behind Mom in Rare Moment, Internet Can’t Take the Cuteness

by Jonathan Howard

Even the scary things outdoors can be cute at times. That includes rattlesnakes. Even they have babies that need to be taken care of. When snakes are born, they don’t just go out into the world. At least not always. This video that has started to garner thousands of views shows a rare side of the reptiles, motherhood.

The baby rattlesnake was trying its hardest to keep up with momma. While these creatures are cold-blooded, they clearly have some warm instincts about them. So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal was lucky enough to get this video from one of their customers.

Rattlesnake Leads Baby

“One of our customers sent us this! Most likely the parent snake [is] being followed by its young! Incredible.” Watch the video below and check it out for yourself.

If this seems like a wild sight, that’s because it is. The rarity of this video cannot be understated. Even the owner of the snake removal business had never seen anything like it.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this! It’s a very rare behavior. And as far as studies have shown, there isn’t much data on behavior like this, we assume that after a while babies will depart and become independent.” Such is life.

Rattlesnakes taking care of their young is something few people get to see in real life. Now we have a video of it to share all around. Is it possible this little snake was just a hanger-on? A late bloomer? Does the big snake even care for the little one, or is it annoyed by the presence of the baby?

Really, there is no way to know, as of now. Alex Tejo, the owner of the business did say that there isn’t a lot of research on this behavior. So, it’s unclear why this is happening. Let’s just hope future biologists can figure things out, surely this video will inspire someone somewhere.

Hiker Gets Spooked

Now, this was a very cute video. However, it’s not always so great seeing a rattlesnake. Recently a hiker from Tennessee saw a slithering serpent in her path and it freaked them out. However, they did a great job staying calm. When they saw the snake, they took a step back and just let the critter do what it needed to do.

It’s a good lesson in how to handle situations like that, especially if you have a fear or get nervous around such animals. Sarah Buckner ended up getting a great video and the snake was able to go about its day without harm to anyone.

Rattlesnakes can be scary at times. But it’s important to remember that we can coexist with the outdoors. Respect and caution are all that you need.