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WATCH: Bald Eagle Befriends Hawk It Nearly Ate for Dinner

by Megan Molseed
(Photo By Bruce Bisping/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

Things were about to get pretty dicey for a British Columbia hawk recently when the raptor had a nearly deadly interaction with a massive bald eagle. Things got pretty spectacular, however, when the interaction between these wild animals blossomed into a sort of friendship when the adult bald eagle adopted the baby red-tailed hawk.

This Momma Bird Gives New Meaning To “Playing” With Its Food While Befriending A Baby Hawk

In a video posted to YouTube recently, we catch a glimpse of a unique moment on a popular eagle cam. The clip shows a bald eagle appearing in its nest, but the bird of prey isn’t alone. In the nest is a tiny bird that we soon discover is a tiny red-tailed hawk.

According to the person who is speaking over the video, it appears as if the little hawk was initially hunted by the bald eagle. The narrator believes the eagle snatched the bird to feed her eaglet. Soon, however, the entire dynamic changes, flipping the script almost immediately. And, rather than devouring the tiny bird up for a meal, the hawk ends up sort of adopted by the mother bald eagle.

The video clip detailing this unusual relationship is a little hard to make out. However, it’s clear how awesome the moment is once we see the bond that is forming between the momma bald eagle and the little hawk.

The Mother Bald Eagle Bonds With The Little Hawk – Even Feeding It At One Point During The Remarkable Clip

This eagle cam footage video clip starts with the mother bird arriving at its nest high up in the tree. We have a perfect view of the massive raptor’s nest. We can even see the little eaglet – the darker feathered little one – in the nest. Soon, however, we see that the momma bald eagle is returning to her nest with something – or someone else. She has a small light-colored animal clutched within her sharp talons. This, we soon find out, is the little red-tailed hawk. Initially, it seems quite clear that the baby bald eaglet is eager to turn the small hawk into a snack. But, as we can see, a bond soon forms and the red-tailed hawk moves quickly from being food to a part of the family.

In fact, we see at one point the momma bald eagle fetches a catch for not only her hungry little eaglet but also for the red-tailed hawk who has now set up residence in the massive bald eagle nest. This touching moment hits right around the 12-minute mark.