WATCH: Bald Eagle Goes for Grizzly Bear’s Eyes in Shocking Attack on Banks of Alaskan River

by Sean Griffin

In this viral video from August 2010, a bald eagle attacks a grizzly bear‘s eyes in this stunning encounter on the banks of Naknek River in Alaska.

In the footage, a bear climbs up a steep hill as a man films from a boat on the river. As the bear makes its way up the incline, a huge bald eagle quickly swoops in the frame. It exits about as quickly as it moved in. The bear winces as the bird flies away.

As the eagle flew by, it swiped the grizzly bear’s left eye with its sharp talons, surely leaving a horrid scratch or worse.

“Did you see that?” the man yells to his companion after the eagle swooped in and inflicted the damage. The video shows the encounter in slow motion, revealing just how deep a hold the eagle got on the bear’s eye. The video ends as the bear still looks stunned.

Plenty of commenters voiced their opinions on the crazy encounter with over 2 million views on YouTube.

One user wrote: “I can think of only one reason why a bald eagle would attack a grizzly like that.”

“I bet the bald eagle was a mother of very young eaglets, and the bear was getting much too close to the nest for Mom’s liking. I have been buzzed while walking my dog by tiny birds, and it is always in spring when baby birds have just hatched.”

“Yeah, it’s all fun and games, until someone loses an eye,” another wrote.

Many users noted the symbolism between the bald eagle and the bear, making plenty of Cold War references in the comment section. “Basically, the Cold War in the nutshell,” one wrote. “This bear obviously didn’t speak Freedom,” another joked.

Two Massive Grizzly Bears Fight Over Nearby Female

In this shocking footage, two massive testosterone-fueled grizzly bears fight over a female in this footage that lasts over five minutes.

User Jeremy Bagwell posted the years-old video to YouTube, where it currently has over two million views. The grizzlies duel on rocky terrain, trading blows and wrestling.

Fans of the video online took to the comment section to voice their thoughts on the incredible encounter. One person wrote: “When you look at these grizzlies fighting you get the sense how strong and muscular they really are. Also pretty agile for their size.”

Another person commented on the fighting prowess of the majestic beasts. They wrote: “Grizzlies have such a strong and innate sense of balance + leverages. It’s like they’re on the wrestling team of the animal kingdom.”

That commenter is spot on. Throughout the video, the grizzlies twist and contort their bodies to gain maximum leverage, just like a wrestler does.

“That was incredibly evenly matched,” another user wrote. “Amazing that they both stayed on their feet as much as they did, standing on rocks no less.”