WATCH: Bald Eagle Relentlessly Tries to Snatch Goose From Lake

by Lauren Boisvert

In wild outdoor news, a bald eagle tried multiple times to make off with a goose, only for the goose to thwart the eagle at every turn. In a video of the event from 2019, eventually, the goose slips up, and the eagle snatches it out of the lake. The video comes from a bird-watching group on YouTube called Birdgevity. While it’s not anywhere close to a bald eagle going through the airport as far as wackiness goes, it’s still a rather humorous video. That is until the goose gets carried away.

According to the video’s caption, this took place on Grant Lake in Santa Clara County, California, on October 29, 2019. “We watched a third year Bald Eagle swoop and grab for a Canada Goose at Grant Lake,” wrote the bird-watching group on YouTube. “The goose dove under the water. The eagle came back around and swooped and grabbed again. Goose dove again. This went on for 8 or so tries until the eagle finally grabbed the goose and flew off with it.”

In the video, it looks like the goose is almost playing with the eagle, ducking under the water when the eagle gets too close. It looks funny, until the eagle manages to snag the goose in the end. That’s the circle of life, though. Eagles have to eat, too.

Eagle Snatches Fox Holding Its Own Prey in Wild Video

A fox in the San Juan Island National Historical Park recently hunted a rabbit. While that’s not uncommon for a fox, and not really news, the attempt didn’t exactly end the way the fox probably thought. Instead, a bald eagle swooped in and snatched up the fox.

While the fox was trotting away with its successful hunt, a huge bald eagle screeched in the distance. The fox turned, saw the eagle, and tried to run away. But, the eagle was too fast. In the blink of an eye, the fox was off the ground and soaring through the air, caught with the eagle’s sharp talons. The eagle seemed actually to be going for the rabbit, as the young fox was left dangling with its catch still clamped in its jaws.

A bald eagle’s diet mostly consists of fish, but they’ll occasionally go after rabbits and the like. This rabbit must have looked like a pretty easy catch; it was already hunted down, and all the eagle had to do was snatch it up from a little fox.

Eventually, the fox had to give up, even though it put up an admirable fight for its dinner. The fox let go of the rabbit, dropping to the ground. According to witnesses, even though it dropped from a great height, the little fox was fine.

Wildlife photographer Kevin Ebi, who captured the harrowing video, described the scene on his blog. “I thought the fox would drop the rabbit, giving the eagle an easy dinner,” Ebi wrote. “Instead, the fox, with its jaw still clenched on the rabbit, inadvertently got snagged by the bald eagle. The eagle lifted the young fox and rabbit into the sky triggering an even more dramatic struggle.”