WATCH: Bald Eagle Snatches Seagull Out of the Ocean

by Sean Griffin

Recently, an Instagram account called NatureIsMetal posted a viral video of a bald eagle snatching a seagull out of the ocean in British Columbia.

“It’s A Date,” the account captioned the encounter. “I’ll pick you up around dinner time, and I’ll take you to that spot I was telling you about. No, your friends can’t come.”

In the video, the bald eagle swoops in and plucks a seagull out of the ocean for dinner. Many seagulls follow behind chasing the bald eagle to no avail.

The account is popular on Instagram for posting nature videos at their most natural. While many online viral nature videos center on wholesome animals getting along with each other, this account is focused on the opposite. The account follows the food chain—basically, it chronicles nature eating nature and animals adapting to overcome chaotic environments.

As usual, faithful viewers of the channel commented how impressed they were with the video and the clever caption on it.

The people taking the video couldn’t believe what they were watching, yelling out for the bald eagle to drop the seagull. The seagull drags against the water at some points as it struggles to free itself from the eagle’s grip. However, it never wiggles free, despite the other gulls chasing after to help.

“Respect to the other seagulls. Ride or die,” they commented, referring to the seagulls chasing after the bald eagle.

One user expected a Loch Ness-esque twist. “I was fully prepared for a shark to come out and grab them both like the mosasaur from Jurrasic world,” they commented.

Bald Eagle Swoops In and Steals an Angler’s Catch

Another video from British Columbia involving a bald eagle went viral. A group of British Columbia fishermen recently encountered a bald eagle during their fishing trip. The majestic bird followed their boat as it went along. However, what happened next shocked them and millions of viewers worldwide.

Bald eagles are generally not fond of encounters with humans. However, this eagle must’ve left this one satisfied, because he received a massive fish. The bird, following the boat, drifts upward with the wind, showing off its massive wingspan. Then, when the fisherman tosses out the bait fish, the eagle effortlessly plucks the fish from the air with its sharp talons.

However, it’s unclear whether the big bird kept coming back to the boat or if it stayed away after its haul. It’s safe to assume the eagle flew back to its nest to dine on its meal.