WATCH: Bald Eagle Swoops Down and Snatches Seagull in Mid-Air in Heart-Pounding Video

by Shelby Scott

With wingspans occasionally reaching more than seven feet across, Outsiders are used to seeing bald eagles soaring gracefully through the sky, scanning the ground and the rest of their surroundings for any potential prey. However, a new video shows one bald eagle engaging in a rather impressive maneuver, instead flapping its broad wings as it pursues a seagull across a golf course. Despite the massive bird’s lack of usual grace, the sharp-beaked creature nabs the seagull out of mid-air.

According to Dan Baldassarre—the man who posted the video and a professor studying bird behavior at the State University of New York—this kind of behavior in bald eagles is unusual. This is most especially due to their aforementioned wingspan, put to better use gliding and soaring while on the hunt for prey, rather than for actively chasing a potential meal. Other viewers concurred, one stating, “I have never seen a wild eagle work this hard for literally anything in my entire life.”

A few other viewers got into a discussion about the strange maneuver in the clip above. Claiming that the giant birds are “pretty opportunistic,” Baldassarre explained, “[bald eagles will] try just about anything, but I can’t imagine they’re successful grabbing prey mid-flight very often.”

Another bald eagle enthusiast added, “I would hypothesize that eagle is a specialist. It seemed to be waiting for that specific move by the gull to pounce. Anticipation can overcome a lot of functional limitations.”

Regardless of how the bald eagle managed to catch its unusual prey, its method of attack is pretty unheard of and we consider ourselves lucky to witness it, even virtually.

Bald Eagle Babies Devour Fawn in Graphic Video

As mentioned above, bald eagles appear to be pretty opportunistic hunters. In another clip, a mother bald eagle was seen arriving back to her nest, bringing her chicklets a fawn to feast on in shockingly graphic footage.

Dropping her prey into the nest at the feet of her screeching babies, we see the lolling head of a fawn violently torn from its body. One of the chicks claims the tiny creature’s head while the other feasts on the bits its mother had already pulled from it.

The shockingly clear footage goes on for more than a minute, with the mother bald eagle eventually taking the fawn’s head between its own talons and ripping more chunks of flesh from its skull. Viewers, despite the graphic nature of the clip, found it somewhat endearing the way the eagle seemed to pick apart her prey for her babies.

“I love how the mom eagle starts breaking off pieces for them,” they said. “Reminds me of kids that ask to have their waffles cut into pieces.”