WATCH: Beachgoer Captures Insane Footage of ‘Apocalyptic’ Delaware Weather That Sent Umbrellas Flying

by Joe Rutland

The weather outside is frightful during the wintertime, but this is some kind of storm that made its mark in Delaware. A resident or visitor to Bethany Beach, Delaware, was in the right place at the right time. In the video, beach umbrellas are getting tossed into the Atlantic Ocean. The person states that a crazy storm popped up out of nowhere. The storm was doing its damage and sending these umbrellas bouncing up and down. For your Sunday fun, this definitely is one video that falls into the must-see category. Take a minute or two and check this action out.

The comments were coming in hot and heavy after people saw this incredible video of Delaware weather gone wild. One person wrote, “It was insane!! we were further up the beach and saw these lift off and immediately started closing our umbrellas.” Apparently, these people found themselves in the middle of this storm.

Delaware Weather Goes Wild Thanks To Beach Umbrellas

Another person with some weather experience wrote, “That’s wild to see all the umbrellas out in the water; I must stress that this storm didn’t barrel into Bethany Beach out of nowhere. It’s so important for these beaches to have weather support, there was 20-25 minutes of lead-time before the strongest winds even arrived.”

As someone who has seen his fair share of thunderstorms and even tropical storms, this video is something else. It shows the damage that weather can do to places like Bethany Beach. Thunderstorms roar through places near beach land, and, well, you never know what will happen. Weather is such a crazy thing and this video definitely shows the effect of such a storm. This looks like a matter of being in the right place at the wrong time. It appears that these people were not expecting their day in the world of Delaware weather to go crazy.

While this storm is nothing like a natural disaster, it probably did send people running for cover. But there are people who fear “displacement” as the number of these disasters continues to grow. This is according to a study done by the group Data for Progress. That data indicates that 47 percent of Americans feel like they are “very” or “somewhat” concerned about losing their homes to natural disasters. Meanwhile, 25 percent of those polled say they are “a little” concerned. That is followed by 28 percent who are not concerned one bit about it.