WATCH: Beachgoer Hilariously Tries to Fend Off Sea Lion Attack

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Andrea Nicola Luzio / EyeEm via Getty Images)

Approaching a wild animal is never a good idea. Regardless of species, size, temperament, or apparent cuddliness – giving animals their space is essential to protecting yourself, the animals, and the natural spaces we all enjoy.

It’s true. Petting a sea lion on a picturesque beach at sunrise sounds like it would make a great story. The reality, however, is that you’re likely causing the animal distress by walking toward it with unknown intentions. Sure, you have no plan to harm the animal, but it has no way of knowing that. For all it knows, you could be trying to make it your dinner or steal its precious pups.

Sea lion attacks are incredibly rare. They’re not aggressive and are typically more curious about humans than fearful of them. However, they’re also surprisingly large carnivores, with sharp teeth and powerful jaws.

At this point, you might be thinking, couldn’t you simply walk away from an angry sea lion? They have no legs, after all. Surely they could never catch a human. Think again. Like many wild animals, you really have no chance of outrunning a sea lion, should it choose to charge full speed.

Even on land, sea lions are about three times faster than the average human – a lesson one beachgoer learned the hard way.

Social Media Roasts Sea Lion Escape

It’s impossible to know exactly how this situation unfolded. We can guess that the unusual sea lion attack was the result of gross disrespect from its human visitor. One thing is obvious, however, and that is the beachgoer got far too close to the sea lion… Then failed miserably to escape what quickly became a terrifying ordeal.

As usual, the court of public opinion ruled in favor of the sea lion. Not only was the beachgoer chastised relentlessly for their no doubt brazen approach of a wild animal but they were also absolutely roasted for their comical attempt to run from the enraged pinniped.

As the sea lion galloped through the sand, clearly barking with fury, the beachgoer tripped and fell multiple times, reenacting the horror genre’s most absurd tropes.

“How do you get run down by an animal with no legs,” one user laughed. “Now the constant falling in scary movies seems believable,” another joked. “I love how the ability to run leaves the conversation as soon as an animal starts chasing someone,” added a third.

The beachgoer appeared to escape the situation unscathed, albeit thoroughly rattled. Hopefully, they learned their lesson and will never treat a wild animal like a household pet again. If not, the bite of a sea lion is roughly equivalent to receiving four Doberman bites at once, not exactly the ideal way to spend a day by the ocean.