WATCH: Bear Absolutely Loses Its Mind After Seeing Own Reflection, Completely Destroys Mirror

by Amy Myers

We’re not sure why there was a mirror in the woods, but that detail became secondary when a black bear freaked out once it saw its own reflection. Not surprisingly, the spooked animal promptly smashed the strange front-country item, likely thinking that it was another bear looking for a fight.

The video surfaced on Twitter when a user named Paul Bronks, who often posts clips of odd and hilarious animals, shared the moment with his followers.

“Me looking in the bathroom mirror first thing in the morning,” Bronks comically captioned the video.

The bear seems totally unaware of the mirror as it wanders up to it from behind. Once it finally turns its head, it realizes another furry face is looking back at it, and the animal shoots up on its hind legs. Within seconds, it rips the mirror off the platform and smashes it on the ground.

Good thing the mirror didn’t land glass-side up, or the video may have had a more painful ending.

Twitter Users Share Mixed Reactions to Recent Bear Vid

While some Twitter users appreciated the comedy of the situation, others focused more on why the run-in with the bear’s reflection happened in the first place.

“What is the point of this? To freak out a bear for fun?” one watcher asked.

Likewise, others believed that the “prank” was entirely unnecessary and was only for the benefit of humans watching the clip.

“Complete waste of bear’s precious energy too and could possibly teach him or her that next encounter is not an actual bear and put them off guard,” another shared.

A third agreed, “In this case I feel bad for the bear. Freaked the poor feller out thinking there was an intruder in a way he couldn’t possibly understand.”

However, there was one person who posed an interesting theory. Apparently, in the UK, park officials sometimes place mirrors near roads so that they reflect the headlights of oncoming cars. That way, it dissuades animals from crossing when it’s potentially dangerous.

“It’s quite likely that the mirror is actually next to a forest road to reflect headlights to dissuade animals from crossing at night when there is a vehicle approaching and prevent road kills,” the user explained, adding, “Certainly used in some forest in UK (for deer, not bears).”

On the rare chance that it actually is a safety device, it doesn’t seem to be too close to any roads to help reflect headlights. The only other option left is that the mirror was actually for campers, themselves, but even that’s a stretch.

Whatever the reason for the mirror, it didn’t seem to have any practical purpose in the video. That said, it might be for the best that the bear destroyed it.