WATCH: Bear Beats the Heat by Rolling Around on Pool Cover

by Lauren Boisvert

A black bear in Connecticut had a grand ole time rolling around on top of someone’s pool cover on a hot day. WTIC out of Hartford posted a video on Facebook taken by a resident who caught a bear tumbling around on top of their covered pool, trying to cool off. With heatwaves rolling through the United States, it’s no wonder this bear went to desperate measures to beat the heat.

In the video, the animal rubs its face on the pool cover, rolls back and forth, and lays on its stomach for a moment before rolling onto its back. Now we can say this bear has experienced what it’s like to try and get comfortable on a water bed.

The bear then sits up and lumbers over to a pile of pool floats, grabbing one in its teeth and yanking it onto the covered pool. Then, and here’s where I went absolutely wild, it sits down on the pool float. I want you to imagine this: summertime, uncovered pool, bear wearing sunglasses sipping from a pina colada riding around on a pool float. If that’s not the most amazing visual experience you’ve had today, I don’t want to hear about it.

The video is only 51 seconds, but it tells a whole story in under a minute. I’ll say this, Connecticut bears know how to party, even when the pool is covered. Now, while this video is awesome and adorable, it’s important to note that it’s still a wild animal. The owners of this pool did the right thing and stayed inside, at a distance, and let the bear have its fun. Bottom line is, we know better than to try and approach bears. Even when they’re doing cool stuff like bellyflopping into a river.

Bear Perfectly Rights Traffic Cone After Spotting it Knocked Over

In other fun outdoor news, a black bear did his civic duty when he came across a knocked-over traffic cone by the side of the road. When I covered this video earlier this month, I called him a “good sa-bear-itan.” And, while my friends and family thought this was a bad joke, I think it “bears” repeating here.

The big animal lumbers down the road, minding his own business. Then, he comes upon the cone on its side. Without even a second thought, he immediately grabs the cone in his teeth and pulls it right side up. Then, for good measure, nudges it into place with his nose. He then walks off, having done his good deed for the day.

YouTube users in the comments continually made puns (although no one mentioned “good sa-bear-itan,” if I may toot my own horn). “Seeing the cone on its side must have been unbearable for him,” one person wrote. Another compared this bear’s actions to those of humans, writing, “Bear can pickup traffic cone but human can’t put shopping cart away in the grocery store parking lot.”

All in all, these two videos are great reminders that bears are smart, capable animals, and they do some darn adorable stuff sometimes. They should never be messed with, but they are super cute.