WATCH: Bear Breaks Into New Jersey Home, Politely Closes Door Behind Him

by Megan Molseed

One New Jersey woman had an unusual visitor pop by her home recently. However, she proved very quickly how far a calm demeanor and a polite tone can go. Even when dealing with a visiting bear, it seems!

Now, we do not recommend ever trying this with a bear you don’t know…or even one that you do. But Susan Kehoe of Highland Lakes New Jersey seems to be quite the bear whisperer. This becomes clear as we catch a now-viral video of Kehoe urging a bear who broke into her home to step back outside and shut the door on the way out.

New Jersey Woman Speaks Plainly To An Intruding Bear, Urging The Unexpected Visitor To Close Her Front Door

Susan Kehoe says that she lives in an area of New Jersey that often brings visiting bears to her yard. However, one bear made itself a little too at home recently, popping in through Kehoe’s front door. But Kehoe had all the tools she needed to convince the wild animal to step away. As it turns out all the New Jersey woman needed was a calm and polite tone.

“Close the door, sweetie,” we can hear Susan Kehoe telling the unusual visitor in the viral video. The bear was responding to Kehoe for sure. However, it didn’t seem like it wanted to leave at first.

“No, no, no, hon,” Kehoe can be heard telling the bear as it pauses for a bit, opening the door back up just a smidge.

“Close the door,” Kehoe says gently. “Close the door.”

How Does A Bear Close A Door? It Has Its Ways!

According to Kehoe, it’s not unusual to see bears hanging out around her New Jersey home. In fact, several can be seen on the woman’s property in the video. But few have been presumptuous enough to enter Kehoe’s home uninvited. However, the woman does note that this particular bear has shown up at her home before. So, at least the two had met at some point already!

As the video continues, we see the visitor peaking into Kehoe’s Highland home as if to say “how’s it going!?”

But the woman wasn’t about to invite the unusual visitor inside. And, after a little urging, the bear seems to respond to Kehoe’s requests. And it gets quite creative when trying to achieve this task…pulling the door shut with its mouth.

“Good boy!” Kehoe urges.

“Close it. Close it,” she says, cheering the bear on. “Oh, what a good boy!”