WATCH: Bear Casually Rescues Crow From Drowning Using Paw, Mouth

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images)

A Budapest Zoo visitor recently caught a strange encounter between a bear and a crow on camera, and the video is making waves on the internet.

The footage shows a crow drowning in a water feature with a bear named Vali nearby. And instead of taking advantage of an easy catch, the predator turns into a hero.

During a one-minute and 27-second-long clip, Vali dines on a pile of zoo-provided fixings as the crow struggles in the water. The bird catches his attention, and Vali keeps his eye on the situation as he continues to eat.

Eventually, the bear realizes that the crow isn’t going to survive without a little help. So, he casually walks to the edge of the pond, grabs the crow with his paw, and then uses his mouth to pick it up by its wing.

For a moment, it looks like the Vali is going to turn the crow into dessert. But he doesn’t. Instead, the bear gently sets the stunned bird on the ground and returns to his food, never once looking back.

The crow spends a few minutes on its back in a frozen state of confusion. Battling the water, and then briefly finding itself in the jaws of a bear obviously took a toll on the creature. But it pulls itself together and gets back on its feet.

Twitter Users Marvel Over the Heartwarming Bear Encounter

The video has been shared by several different social media accounts, including one on Twitter called Fascinating.

“Footage from Aleksander Medves shows Vali, a bear at the Budapest Zoo, saving a drowning crow,” the page captioned alongside it.

That account has pulled in over 4.5 million shocked viewers and nearly 25K likes.

“Always amazing to see a predator save a prey’s life,” one person wrote. “Of course, predator probably wouldn’t have if hungry and instead ate the prey, but this implies really only hunger makes them kill prey, otherwise they’re happy to save their lives if capable.”

This is incredible… empathy comes from everywhere,” another added.

Some less idealistic users think that the bear never intended to save the crow. Several people theorized that it thought it killed the bird and left it on the ground for later. Or, it thought the bird was actually a fish. And when he realized it wasn’t, he abandoned it.

But most people saw the beauty in the interaction, and they refuse to let anyone make them feel otherwise.

“All I’m saying is if a crow can teach its murder and the younger generations to hate and attack a specific person that did them dirty then I think that bear might’ve made a powerful ally,” someone added.