WATCH: Bear Caught on Camera Scaling Air Force Base’s Barbed-Wire Fence With Ease

by Sean Griffin

Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, Florida had a surprise visitor on Tuesday: a bear. The large black bear can be seen scaling a barbed wire fence at the military base.

The bear scales the fence in just under twenty-four seconds before darting into nearby woods and disappearing. As he ran toward the woods, the bear had a slight limp. Some viewers of the video suspect the limp came from the sharp barbed wire he scaled.

Kevin Dalrymple shared the video on Facebook. “How a bear climbs a fence at Tyndall,” he captioned the post. Dalrymple was driving by when he spotted the bear climbing the fence with ease.

“Wow that’s awesome news for security,” one fan cheekily wrote in a Facebook comment. “He made that look easy,” read another comment.

Black bears are common throughout many parts of the United States. Along with the brown bear, they are one of two modern bear species not currently classified as endangered.

Since the video was captured in Florida, the bear was most likely the species called Florida black bear. Florida black bears are most commonly located in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.

This bear proves that the species is adept at climbing all sorts of structures. Their versatility as a predator makes them one of the scariest on the planet.

Woman Attacks Hunters With Bear Spray

According to WCAX, a Vermont CBS affiliate, a woman attacked three hunters by using bear spray on them. One of the hunters was the former president of the Vermont Bear Hound Association, and he was accompanied by two companions.

The woman, Liza Nanni, 61, was charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and interfering with a hunter.

Vermont Fish & Wildlife reports that on July 10, Nanni allegedly blocked Red Brook Road in Groton State Forest when the group pulled up in their pickup truck. The hunting dogs sat in the truck. Nanni stopped them.

Allegedly, Nanni pepper-sprayed the hunters, one of whom was a thirteen-year-old boy.

Wardens say they interviewed all present parties and also viewed video recordings of the incident.

Ellsworth “Butch” Spear, one of the victims, spoke to a local newspaper about the incident.

“My first words to her were to ask her to get out of the road,” Spear told the Vermont newspaper Seven Days. “She told me to go F myself and a bunch of other things. She ended up pepper spraying all three of us.” 

Field & Stream breaks down how hound-hunting has become increasingly contentious in Vermont.

“Hunting with hounds has been a divisive issue in Vermont,” the outlet writes. “Spear has been a high-profile defender of the season against efforts by animal rights groups to end the practice.”

Also, apparently, conflicts between bears and people have risen for a decade. By 2011, 135 encounters occurred, whereas 650 occurred last year in 2021. Moreover, more than 700 reports have been submitted this year, and it’s only halfway over. “The VFWD has been reminding Vermonters to be more vigilant about securing vehicles, homes, and outdoor food sources,” the article writes.