WATCH: Bear Crashes Wedding While Guests Don’t Even Move From Their Tables

by Lauren Boisvert

In an amazing video from Instagram, a bear crashed someone’s wedding, and the guests didn’t bat an eyelash. The video, courtesy of Instagram user @angiedisa, features a black bear knocking over a centerpiece on one table, then making a quick exit. He walks past another table of guests, who don’t leave their seats the entire time. One man keeps on eating as the animal lumbers past him. Talk about a wild party.

In all honesty, these guests are lucky the bear didn’t get aggressive, being so close to them and surrounded by other people. It just seemed curious, but these animals are still pretty unpredictable. Black bears are usually pretty skittish and usually run off if you make yourself look big and make some noise, according to Bear Wise. But, in a situation where you encounter a bear and the animal hasn’t seen you, it’s still best to quietly leave the area completely. The most important tip is to never run from a bear.

All in all, who knows what was really going on in this bear’s mind when he decided to crash the party. Is this a “My Best Friend’s Wedding” situation, but the part of Julia Roberts is played by a bear instead? I’d pay money to see that in theaters. Essentially, what could have been a tragic situation was thankfully avoided, and everyone at the wedding went home with an interesting story to tell.

Watch a Black Bear Roll Around On a Covered Pool to Beat the Heat

Bear safety and party crashing aside, there’s a heatwave careening through the United States. Now, even animals have to find innovative ways to avoid overheating. Like this black bear in Connecticut, who found a cool, covered pool and used it to beat the heat.

In the video, posted on Facebook by WTIC out of Hartford, the bear rubs his face on the pool cover, rolls around a bit, then lays on his stomach to relax for a moment. He then rolls onto his back and sits up. All the while, the water under the pool cover churns and sloshes, looking like a huge water bed.

A moment later, the bear seems to make a decision, because he beelines for a pile of pool floats, dragging one out onto the covered pool. He then sits in it, pushing another aside to get a better seat. The video cuts off before we get to see what he does next. But, I’m hoping he laid back on the pool float, closed his eyes, and just drifted off like the Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea bear.

The pool owners definitely did the right thing here, though. They filmed the incident from inside their house, from a safe distance, and didn’t try and chase the bear off. They let him do his thing, and he most likely got his fill of the pool and wandered off again.