WATCH: Bear Cub Goes Full ‘Mission Impossible’ Mode, Scales Window to Escape Home

by Emily Morgan

Although most bear encounters happen outside, one bear cub was recently brave enough to enter someone’s home in Lake Tahoe. However, little did it know, it would have some issues getting out. 

As it turns out, the bear cub in question shocked homeowners when they caught it clinging to a window, like something out of a Mission Impossible flick. The bear cub was joined by its mom and fellow cub. They then entered the Lake Tahoe home, according to the bear advocacy group the BEAR League. 

After the bear break-in, the cub wandered off independently and explored other rooms in the home. However, unbeknownst to the cub, the door shut behind the cub, and it got itself stuck inside, according to the group. 

“Sometimes when bear families get into unsecured homes, the stakes are raised if a curious cub goes exploring and gets stuck in another room after the door closes on him,” the group said on Wednesday, July 6 via Facebook. 

After the homeowners found the cub, they called the BEAR League. Once they arrived, they found the bear swinging from a window sill, trapped inside the living room. The group’s video shows the bear dangling from the window, trying to get out of the house. 

As for the cub’s mom and brother, they were patiently waiting for the cub outside the home on the deck. 

Bear cub’s family patiently wait for cub as it tries to escape

“The Mama seemed to know all would be well once she saw us, and she patiently stood back and waited for us to get in, find him, and get him out and back into her care,” the BEAR League added about the bear’s family. Fortunately, they said, “all ended well.”

If you live in the Tahoe area, you could be the next person to have a visit from your neighborhood Berenstain Bear family. According to reports, bears often get into homes in the region. 

Last month, a North Lake Tahoe woman found herself face-to-face with a bear in her home. When she went to take the trash out, she left her front door open, and the bear saw it as an opportunity to sneak inside. 

Unfortunately, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, the bear scratched the woman’s face and knocked her to the ground. Thankfully, she got away from the bear and called 911. 

“Remember to not leave any food or wrappers, crumbs, etc. lying around in your car or in an unsecured trash can – bears have an extraordinary sense of smell and trust us…they WILL claw their way into anything to get to the food,” the deputies said after the incident.

However, according to the National Park Service, bear attacks in the U.S. are rare. Bears, in most attacks, try to defend their food, their cubs, or their personal space.