WATCH: Bear Cub Naps in Tree Right Above Fly Fisherman

by Sean Griffin

A black bear cub naps on from a tree branch above while a fly fisherman casts his net in this viral video posted to Instagram.

In this video, a fisherman pans across a beautiful river valley with mountains in the backdrop to a bear cub lying on a tree branch.

He zooms up toward the cub, who appears to be dead asleep on the limb. The cub’s arms are swinging by its side gently, and you can tell he’s out.

“‘Hey man can you snag me one? I’d really appreciate it!’” the page captions the post.

We’re sure the cub would love a fish as much as the fisherman filming the video.

People commented on the post, sharing their thoughts on the cute bear cub. “He’s waiting on dinner, and it’s on you!” one person wrote.

Others warned the man that the mother bear may be lurking nearby. “I would go find a different spot to fish before the mom shows up,” one person wrote.

“Look out for momma,” another one agreed. These commenters are right: mother bears are notoriously protective of their youth.

“Best kinda sleep ever,” another person wrote, commenting on how knocked out the bear was.

Black Bear Cub Runs Through Oregon Town Before Getting Tranquilized and Released

A black bear cub ran through the town of Bend, Oregon on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The bear was discovered again on Wednesday morning at a city facility. Then, it was transported to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife who then tranquilized the bear. Eventually, after they perform checks on the bear cub, it will be released back into a suitable habitat in the Deschutes National Forest.

The male bear, which is approximately 7-8 months old, would have been born in late winter around January or February, ODFW said.

Most cubs still live with its mother at 7-8 months old. However, these cubs are capable of surviving independently in the wild, according to the department.

“It is unclear why the bear was separated from its mother prematurely,” ODFW’s statement said, adding that they haven’t received any reports of a dead mother.

“We have no reports of damage associated with this bear, so it’s likely the young bear just got confused and wandered into town,” said Andrew Walch, ODFW’s Deschutes district wildlife biologist.  

ODFW tranquilized the bear earlier Wednesday after being alerted by the Bend Police Department. The bear had wandered into the 62000 block of Boyd Acres Road. It was also seen Tuesday afternoon and evening around NE 18th Street and Cooley Road. 

“We are glad we were able to get this young bear back to the wild and thank the Bend Police Department for their assistance and the public for alerting us to the bear,” Walch stated. “The young bear is in good physical condition, which should increase its survival chances.”