WATCH: Bear Cub Slips Down Waterfall, Makes Epic Recovery

by Megan Molseed

Oh no, little bear cub! Watch that step! In a viral video that makes us all want to hold our breaths, one little brown bear cub has a bit of a slip while fishing next to its mom on top of an Alaskan waterfall. The now-viral moment shows the little cub as it takes a wrong step, tumbling into the turbulent water below. For a moment that seems all-too long for many viewers, the cub slips underwater, disappearing for several seconds.

“Who else held their breath watching this?” asks one Twitter post from

“A brilliant recovery from 910’s cub after slipping down the falls,” the tweet continues.

The footage shows the little cub as the fast and whirling whitewater pulls the cub in after it loses its footing standing atop the falls with its mother. As the young cub struggles with the current, its head pops up now and then. However, the mother bear looks very concerned at one point as the baby bear cub goes under for a few seconds before its head bobs to the surface once more.

One Little Bear Cub Finds The Shallow Waters After A Harrowing Few Seconds Under the Falls

After slipping into the water, the little bear cub struggles in the currents underneath the falls. As the bear finds a shallower area, another larger bear steps in, helping the young one as it, once again, works to find a strong footing.

Finally, the bear cub is able to frantically swim into the shallow areas near the bank. Just in time to meet momma who has claimed down ready to greet her offspring and give the wayward cub a quick look over.

There’s No Slipping Into The Water For This Speedy Brown Bear!

It was a rare sight recently as one brown bear went into full hunting mode, speeding towards a deer while searching a shoreside area. In this shocking footage, we see the brown bear display some impressive power – and speed – as it corners, and captures, a coastal deer.

The amazing footage is shared on the Nature Is Metal Instagram page. It depicts the moment a large brown bear decides to head into the water, chasing a fleeing deer at full speed.

“There’s a brown bear!” exclaims the person behind the camera. As the footage continues, we see the deer begin to panic as the bear approaches. There are few options for the deer regarding places to flee. So, it jets straight into the water…with the brown bear hot on its trail.

“Oh my god! Dude!” the person screams as the chase continues. Finally, the watery chase ends as the brown bear seizes the deer. Dragging the catch back onto dry land.