WATCH: Bear Drags Amazon Package Off Porch and Into the Woods

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Perhaps this furry burglar is the modern equivalent of the iconic Yogi Bear…because this crafty bear certainly has some good taste when picking a package to lift from a porch. Much like Yogi Bear and his sidekick BooBoo had when honing in on which “pic-a-nic” baskets to swipe from unsuspecting campers.

In a hilarious video shared on Twitter recently, we see a tricky bear as it (kinda) stealthily swipes a package from a porch as the outdoor camera looks on. The Twitter post makes a quip about the bear stealing an Amazon delivery. However, a good look at this box shows us that it wasn’t an Amazon delivery at all…but instead, this delivery is from a famous pet resource website! Perhaps the bear smelled something delightfully intriguing wafting from the package?

“I swear a bear stole my Amazon delivery,” jokes the recent Twitter post. “[No] I haven’t been drinking!”

It’s a hilarious clip as the determined porch thief pulls the box (which is not tiny by any means) along the porch. The bear then carefully pulls the box down the steps. After expertly achieving these complicated steps, the bear quickly runs into the woods. Still carrying the package in its mouth, of course!

Twitter Users Are Loving The Hilarious Clip Of The Bear Swiping The Package

The video itself is absolutely hilarious. But leave it to Twitter users to add some extra doses of humor to the already hilarious situation.

One Twitter user goes full Disney…because, why not…this is a very Disney movie-like moment.

“That’s what you get for ordering the bear necessities…” quips one response. This, movie fans know is a reference to one of Disney’s most popular films and songs from the 1967 Disney classic, The Jungle Book.

Another Twitter user notes what is likely in the box sent to the address by the popular online pet-supply company. And, it brings to mind a hilariously perfect image.

“Imagining the bear playing with dog toys in the woods makes me happy,” this commenter quips.

One Hungry Bear Skips The Porch Goodies And Heads Straight For The Leftovers

In a hilarious video shared recently, we meet a hungry bear as she tries to take advantage of a situation when scoring some goodies. And, she stopped traffic while doing this.

The incident happened in the middle of a busy Alaskan road as a hungry momma bear and her cubs tried to break into a decidedly “bear-proof” trashcan lying in the middle of the road. This resourceful momma certainly knows what she’s doing, too as it takes her just a few quick moments to break into the container.


First, the momma knocks the container over into the road, pounding on the trash can a few times. She then rolls it over, repeating the process once again. After a few tries, she gets the can open. Then she and her cubs are ready to feast as the people in traffic look on!