WATCH: Bear Family Has Heartfelt Reunion in Rare Moment Caught on Camera

by Emily Morgan

A bystander captured a once-in-a-lifetime clip when they recorded two bear cub sisters playing with each other. While it’s common for bear cubs to wrestle with one another, it’s far less likely you’ll see two cubs who are directly related playing with each other.

Now, a user’s video on TikTok has gone viral that depicts a rare reunion between two brown bear sisters and their playtime in Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve.

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“It’s not often that we see bear families reunite like this,” read the clip’s caption, which has since gone viral. It’s now been viewed nearly 700,000 times. About 2,200 brown bears call the Alaskan national park home.

The national park partnered with, which live streams videos showing bears wandering throughout the park. In addition, visitors often see the omnivores roaming around Brooks River from late June through late July and early September through mid-October.

Park officials said cubs usually stay with their mothers for about two-and-a-half years before going off on their own.

“Katmai’s bears generally separate from their cubs in May or June of a cub’s third summer,” officials said. “The female probably uses threats or aggression to cause the young to disperse. Some females, however, will keep their cups through a third summer before pushing them away the next spring.”

At the beginning of the clip, viewers can see two bear cubs tussling playfully with each other.

Park rangers surprised at rare, lengthy bear reunion

“This month on bear cam, we witnessed a surprising reunion,” read the text over another video clip showing four bears standing together. “Sisters 909 and 910 greeted each other in the river, and their own cubs met for the first time.”

A clip someone took in 2016 showed 909 and 910 sitting together with their mother, Beadnose, who park officials had not seen in about four years.

“This week, sisters 909 and 910 fished next to each other in a spot their mom Beadnose was known to frequent as their cubs watch and wait and learn together,” read the text over a clip that showed the two bears. “A family legacy that lives on.”

Many took to the comments after the video was posted to applaud the sweet yet rare moment.

“I honestly believe they don’t forget one another,” one viewer wrote. “Well now I’m sobbing on a random Thursday afternoon,” admitted someone else. “To see 909 and 910 as cubs [with] Beadnose & now reunited as moms without her. I hope they stay safe.

The family continued to spend time with each other, and the cousins have since become close, as seen in other follow-up videos, even though officials once believed that the reunion wouldn’t last long.

“They first met at the beginning of the summer when their moms 910 and 909 reunited in an encounter we thought would be brief,” read the text over a video posted on Friday. “Rangers were surprised: extended families do not spend time together, but the Beadette family continued to hang.”