WATCH: Bear Gets Shocked by Electrical Mat Rigged on Homeowner’s Porch

by Jonathan Howard

Now, I might not be smarter than the average bear. But, luckily I don’t have to be. These bears were shocked by what they found on a porch. That awful pun aside, the animals got a little more than they bargained for when they made their way up onto one homeowner’s porch. It just so happened to be fixed with an electric mat which sent a little shock to the bear’s paws. Keep the outdoors on the outside.

This is a great way to keep bears off of your porch. As long as they don’t climb over the railing, I guess. As the bears made their way up the steps, they were met with something they weren’t sure what to do about. All they knew was they wanted to get as far away from it as they could.

The video is hilarious, although short. These animals are smart, even smarter than we give them credit for. So, they will likely stay away from this contraption in the future. Or, they will find a way to unplug it. I’m not quite sure, but either option is possible.

The Bear Lodge, which is the page that posted the video, recommends this to folks in bear country. It’s not a harmful amount of current and it’s a relatively safe and effective way to keep the large mammals from running wild on your porch, hot tub, or outside furniture.

While it was enough to scare the bear away, it isn’t going to hurt them to get a little pulse on their feet every now and then. Besides, it’s safer for everyone – animals and humans included – if they stay away from porches, front doors, and other places they don’t need to be.

The Shocking Truth About Anti-Bear Mat

What’s great about this mat, is that it’s not hurting anyone or a big ole bear. The Bear Lodge mentioned in their post just what the experience is like for animals that touch this mat. It’s not like getting tazed or anything like that. Just a little BZZZT to keep everyone and every animal safe.

“Have you ever been shocked by touching a 110 electrical hot wire?” the page asked in the post. “Most of us have.. and we are none the worse for the experience but never will forget it. It works for our bears too! It doesn’t harm them—the BEAR League would not approve if it did—but it sure makes them change their minds about going into a house. Therefore the electrical mats and bear wiring systems actually help keep the bears safe and gives homeowners peace-of-mind.”

So, what do you think about this, Outsiders? Is this a good way to keep the outdoors, outdoors? It sure seems like it. I don’t live in bear country (although I think I saw one before) but if I did I’d be getting a few of these. And finding a way to electrify the handles on my car doors.