WATCH: Bear Goes From Perfectly Calm to Charging Full Speed in Terrifying Clip

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Bears aren’t known for their grace, however, we can definitely applaud them on their agility as one mama bear was caught in a video going from a completely calm state to a full-on charge. Check out the intense clip below.

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The brief clip, just eight seconds long, focuses on the bruin, though per the TikToker’s vocal account, there are babies nearby. “Hi mama,” the woman says, before greeting the cubs. Accompanied by intense, creepy music, the vibe of the overall encounter drastically changes, the black bear moving into a full-on lope toward the videographer as she hurriedly shuts herself in the house.

“This is why you talk to a bear from inside,” the TikToker wrote in a caption over top of the clip. Other TikTokers shared their horror and insight in the comments.

“I worked for Parks Canada,” one viewer wrote. “Can confirm bears are fast af.”

Another quipped, “That was terrifying, I couldn’t bear to watch it.”

Breanna Rose, the woman who captured the intense confrontation on camera, confirmed in the comments that there were in fact cubs nearby. That being said, we encourage Outsiders to always keep their distance from the animals, but this is especially important when you see a mother bear and her cubs. One of the only times they will show aggression like this is when a female is safeguarding her offspring.

Four PA Black Bears Clean Out An Entire Fridge

Their fuzzy little ears and nub of a tail definitely contribute to their cuddly appearance, however, black bears are smarter and more unpredictable than you might think. What makes the woman’s confrontation with the mother bear above so dangerous is that even stepping inside of her house, the only thing keeping her separate from the approaching bear is a flimsy glass door. Truthfully, if perturbed enough, that bear could have come right through the glass door.

Even more worrisome, black bears are insanely smart. There have been multiple reports just over the last few weeks of the bruins breaking into peoples’ homes and clearing out their refrigerators. Most recently, a troublesome group of black bears broke into a home in Pocono Lake, a private community in northeastern Pennsylvania.

John Costanzo, the homeowner, was away working in New York City when the bears broke into the home. His Ring doorbell caught the entire incident on camera and while he couldn’t see what happened after the bears broke into the home, what he came home to were an empty fridge and a messy kitchen.

Pocono Lake security scared the mother and her cubs away though they returned the next day, making a second attempt to enter the home. From there, game wardens captured the mom and two of the cubs and relocated them to a sanctuary. Be sure to read the full story and remember that burglars aren’t the only ones that can open doors and windows.