WATCH: Bear Rips Fish Apart in the Middle of a River for a Quick Snack

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

For this bear, it looks like snack time came quickly as the animal picks up a fish to pick it apart as a tasty morsel. We don’t know how hungry the bear really is but look at his deft touch here. This bear appears to be all business in this viral video while taking this fish for food. As you can tell from the video, this bear doesn’t waste any time getting down to business. Hey, if fish is your food jam, then go on with your bad self. The bear was taking care of his hunger in a real snappy way.

We don’t know if other fish were on the menu after this one. But we would not be surprised. After all, when you are more than an average bear, why not go for as many fish as possible? In this video, though, we just see the after-effects of one bear chomping down. Maybe he could have used a napkin to wipe off the food crumbs. Well, he is in the river so the water there will clean off any food morsels not making their way to his mouth.

Also, we don’t know whether this would be a good way for those in the non-bear world to eat fish. Just grab one and strip off what you want to eat. Then, throw the rest of the fish back into the water. Maybe we would think about doing this on our next trip to the seafood restaurant.

A Bear Knows What To Do About His Favorite Fish

“In this case, the wrapper is the best part!” the caption starts off. “The skin, eggs and brain of the fish contain the most fat, naturally these parts are the most sought after. When there’s plenty of fish to go around, fishing bears will eat only those parts and ditch the rest in search of another fish, so they can relieve that one of its fatty bits as well.

“This is known as high grading, and as stated above, is only done when this particular prey item is in abundance. When its not, bears go back to eating all of the fish. #natureismetal #keepnaturemetal”. They go back to eating all of the fish. Of course, they do. These bears know what’s up in their world.

They will do a deep dive for fish and grab those fatty parts. Imagine just ripping out what you want to eat and throwing the rest away. Some people might think that it’s simply wasting good fish. Leave it up to the bear to decide what to do about his food. He’d know better than the rest of us. It appears that bears have a bit of a good read on what to do with fish.