WATCH: Bear Shows Off Flexibility, Athleticism Scaling Tree to Get Over a Fence

by Amy Myers

This nimble bear has proven that you don’t need opposable thumbs to become a skilled climber. All you really need is a bit of flexibility and a good reason to get on the other side of that fence.

Thanks to Barstool Outdoors, a video of a bear scaling a tree and expertly toeing a privacy fence has gone viral. From behind the safety of their window, a resident watched as the robust animal surveyed the obstacles above it before quickly deciding its plan of escape. With such ease that you’d think a human put on a bear suit, the creature scurried up the trunk of a pine tree beside a tall wooden fence before reaching its foot out to grab a hold of the fence. Looks like someone’s been hitting the climbing gym.

After deciding the makeshift foothold was too far, the bear then placed a front paw on the top of the fence and continued scaling the tree with its back legs until it could balance all four paws on the slim ledge.

And that’s not all. Instead of leaping off the top of the fence for a sloppy yet effective dismount, the bear managed to turn itself around without bracing itself on the nearby tree trunk, lower its back legs and then hop to the ground. If we didn’t know better, we’d say this bear had escaped from the town’s circus.

Watch the incredible moment of pure athleticism below. Fair warning: the video does have a bit of explicit language.

Netizens Still Think the Bear Is Actually a Human in a Costume

In the entire clip, the moment when the bear adjusts its footing before climbing on top of the fence is definitely the most remarkable. Not only does it prove the animal’s agility, but it also points to a more complex type of problem-solving that is more advanced than we tend to see in this species.

Not surprisingly, viewers on Instagram were going absolutely nuts over the animal’s impressive climbing skills.

“Can we acknowledge that the moment the bear uses his left paw to grab on so he can swing his leg… those couple of frames from behind could easily pass by as someone in a costume,” one Instagrammer said in awe, adding, “Bears are incredible.”

Another viewer gave the bear a respectable score for the performance: “9.5 for the balancing & 9.0 for the dismount.”

Meanwhile, others gave the admirable woodland resident a few new nicknames, including “yogi bear,” “bear ninja warrior” and our favorite, “Jason Bearne.”

Whatever the bear was after, there’s clearly not much that can stop it from getting what it wants.