WATCH: Bear Starts Dragging Moose Calf Away Before Mom Gets Involved

by Sean Griffin

In this incredible video posted to Instagram, a bear is depicted mauling a moose calf and attempting to drag it away further into the woods. The people videoing the scene stand at a safe distance on the other side of the road.

At first, it seems as though the video will simply depict a black bear mauling and eating a moose calf. However, once the bear starts dragging the helpless calf back into the woods, the unexpected happens. The calf’s mother roars into the picture.

The large moose scurries in from the left side of the frame. The bear immediately retreats into the woods, and the moose walks alongside the calf, who appears to be slightly injured.

However, the bear shockingly darts back out of the brush as the moose and calf turn around. The bear runs back to grab the calf again. However, the large mother moose steps back into action and chases the bear deeper into the forest. The video ends when the three animals exit out of view, and we don’t blame the bystanders for not wanting to investigate further.

The Instagram account, known for its clever captions, titled the video “Custody Battle,” since both the moose and bear fight over the young calf.

You can watch the viral clip here or below.

Bear Forces Moose to Sacrifice Its Baby

A few weeks ago, the same popular Instagram account NatureIsMetal posted a moose sacrificing one of its calves in a shocking grizzly bear chase.

“Intended Consequences,” the account captioned their post, a pun on the common phrase “unintended consequences.”

The video depicts a huge bear chasing a moose and two of its calves. Onlookers in a boat on the other side of the river videoed the incident. Footage shows the bear galloping through marsh before diving into the water. Then, as the camera pans further downstream, we see the beast has locked its eyes on two targets: two calves swimming at a slower pace.

The woman videoing the incident asks where the mother moose is, hoping she would step in to save them. As if on cue, the moose appears from behind brush and dives in to protect her babies. However, the bear gains ground and eventually closes in. The mother moose seems to divert the hungry grizzly from one calf and allows it to lunge for the other.

Then, the mother moose simply watches with her other calf as the grizzly starts eating the baby. The onlookers from the boat groan with sadness.

A commenter agrees with the sentiment. They wrote, “We’re all just DNA vehicles at the end of the day.” Another user commented that the mother preserved her favorite calf and left the other one to die.