WATCH: Beat Up Caiman Has Half of Its Mouth Dangling Off in Brutal Clip

by Jonathan Howard

The outdoors can be scary. Like, absolutely terrifying. If you haven’t seen a caiman with half its jaw hanging off, get ready to check that off the list. The alligatorid isn’t quite as large and fearsome as many of its cousins. However, these reptiles get plenty big and are plenty ferocious enough to be respected.

Not only are these reptiles the nightmare of just about everything that lives nearby, these beasts also have personal beefs. Caiman will get into scraps with other caiman and sometimes larger reptiles like alligators. When this happens, major injury isn’t always avoidable.

It’s amazing what wild animals are able to do in order to survive. Even through an injury that you would assume would be a death sentence, some animals are able to persevere and keep going. Even with that in mind, this image is absolutely shocking when you consider the significance of the wound.

Crazy Caiman

Just…look at this badass scarly predator via Nature Is Metal. He might be missing most of his lower jaw, but he’s still living his life. And, it looks like he’s been living a lot of life this way.

In the post was a wise message.

“Resilience is a word I throw around a lot, and for good reason – to survive in the wild, it pays to be adjustable in the face of adversity.”

This caiman has seen better days. However, I’d hate to see what he’s done to the reptile on the other side of his bite. Whatever ends up taking the animal out in the end, it’ll have to be something stronger than whatever ripped its jaw off.

Alligator in the Pool

The good thing about the video of the caiman is that it wasn’t in a pool like this baby alligator was the other day. A Florida homeowner went outside to the pool to cool off and enjoy the sun on a hot afternoon. Before they could get into the water, well, they found a little alligator taking a dip instead. When they’re this little, it’s almost cute, but still, no one wants to deal with having to remove it.

However, the police arrived and were eventually able to help in the situation. Getting the gator out of the pool and away from the residential area was necessary. The “four” foot long gator spooked the homeowner and she was not eager to try and remove it on her own accord.

When authorities arrived, the gator was really about two feet long and not much of a threat. In the video we don’t get to see the altercation where the reptile is caught. All that the video shows is the aftermath, with the little guy secured and being taken away to a safer place.