WATCH: Bison Causes Traffic Jam Protecting Calf at Yellowstone National Park

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: CampPhoto

If you find yourself in America’s oldest national park, you will likely run into some wildlife. However, for some visitors, you don’t have to travel far to see the four-legged residents. Recently, some Yellowstone visitors had a run-in with a bison that created a traffic jam while trying to protect its calf.

According to reports, last week in the park, Pete Thomas was enjoying his national park vacation when he encountered a roadblock. However, it wasn’t a park official directing traffic. Instead, it was a massive bison acting as the park’s traffic cop after their calf bolted across the road.

The moment unfolded after an adult male bison suddenly decided to charge across the road. The calf followed him, and the young bison displayed incredible speed, darting across the street.

Of course, the adult female in the pack also ran onto the highway and stayed in the middle of the road as if to deliberately halt the two-way traffic.

The female bison stood frozen in the road, except for her swinging tail, for more than a minute before an irritated visitor grew impatient and somehow used his car to get the bison off the road.

After watching the clip, some have theorized that the female might have been protecting the calf, possibly hers, if it were to cross the road again. Or perhaps the female bison simply wanted to create a traffic jam.

By the end, the female joined the calf on the other side of the highway, and the motorists moved on with their day.

According to Thomas, the traffic incident occurred east of Tower Junction about a mile before the road ends, as part of a temporary closure as a result of unprecedented flooding in the summer at Slough Creek.

Moronic tourist outside Yellowstone barely gets away from bison

While it seems like the visitors in the traffic jam got away unscathed, miles away, a man had a scary run-in with a bison. The incident recently happened in Cody, Wyoming, 15 miles from the east entrance of the iconic national park.

In a clip, a moron in a green sweatshirt holds grass in his hands, approaches the beast, and tries to feed the animal. “What could go wrong?” the video’s headline read. Despite getting dangerously close, the video’s description stated that the man was “okay, no injuries.”

The video cuts as viewers hear “watch out” and see the beginning of the bison ramming towards the man, and then you hear laughter.

The man should be thanking his lucky stars he got away unharmed. But, unfortunately, many don’t get out so fortunate when interacting with a bison.

Nearly every week, we get reports of people being dummies and getting way too close to wildlife in national parks. With this being said, we need to reiterate that Yellowstone animals are unpredictable, regardless if they appear otherwise.

The safest and usually the best view of the nearby wildlife is inside a vehicle. Rangers recommend always staying at least 100 yards away from bears and wolves and at least 25 yards away from all other animals, including bison and elk.