WATCH: Bizarre Video Claims To Show Trail of UFO’s in the Texas Sky

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Recently, one TikToker shared a bizarre video featuring a UFO flying across the Texas sky. Now, the video is low quality…as ones such as these often tend to be. The claim seems to be that this may be an alien spaceship. However, “UFO” is really a much broader term. It simply notes that an “unidentified flying object” has been detected in the sky. And, often these UFOs can be easily explained via earthly explanations.

Viral Video Shows An Unidentified Object Soaring Over The Texas Skies

As the bizarre TikTok video begins, we hear the caption on the short clip being read out loud. “Fort Worth Texas Today 09/19/2022.”

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The video then zooms into an area of the sky where a series of lights are flashing up against the darkness. It’s certainly hard to tell what the object is. However, the way the lights are arranged against the dark Texas night sky it definitely looks like they are in a saucer-like shape. Which, curiously, is often the shape we attribute to unidentified flying objects that are presumed to be otherworldly.

The National UFO Reporting Center Notes That Texas Is Within The Top 10 Places For UFO Sightings

According to reports from the National UFO Reporting Center, (NUFORC) Texas is among the top 10 states with the most UFO sightings. The top state is California, which reports over 10,000 UFO sightings each year. Florida and Washington are close behind ranking second and third for the most UFO sightings. Florida reports nearly 6,000 UFO sightings each year. Washington has around 4,350 the NUFORC notes.

On the other hand, the states with the least amount of UFO sightings tend to be Wyoming and North Dakota. Wyoming has around 266 sightings of these unidentified flying objects. North Dakota has around 200 each year. Washington D.C. has the least sightings per year with 87 sightings recently reported.

Sitting in the middle of the road are states such as Tennessee with around 1,500 sightings in recent years. However, Tennessee made its way into the top six states for UFO sightings according to the book UFO Cases Of Interest: 2018 Edition.

Then on March 29, 2019, witnesses throughout the state and beyond reported a large fireball and other lights shooting across the night sky. These reports came from witnesses in Knoxville, Cleveland, Kingston, Coalfield, and Murfreesboro. Each one of these sightings was reported to the NUFORC.