WATCH: Black Bear Crashes Toddler’s Birthday Party in Connecticut

by Taylor Cunningham

A two-year-old Connecticut boy had a surprise visit from a black bear while he was celebrating his birthday last week.

The guest of honor, Cyrus Majidian, was enjoying a party in his West Hartford backyard with about 30 people in attendance, including 10 children. And his family had set up a picnic table with an impressive spread of bagels, lox, cupcakes, and more, which apparently enticed the bear.

While everyone was gathered around the feast, the animal nonchalantly walked into the yard, sniffed a guest, and then began helping himself to the food. Ironically, Disney’s The Jungle Book song Bear Necessities was playing on the party playlist at the time.

One of the boy’s family members caught part of the encounter on video.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Cyrus’ father, Rauf Majidian, told NBC Connecticut. “For 30 seconds, we see it happening. We see the person who got sniffed by the bear, screaming and panicking.”

The family thought the animal looked “kinda old” and it didn’t show any aggression. Nonetheless, the adults acted quickly and started “scooping up children” as the bear scavenged the table. And then everyone ran into the garage, where his mom, Laura, sounded her car horn repeatedly in an attempt to scare the animal away, but it didn’t seem to mind the noise.

The Majidian Family Saw Two Bears on the Day of the Birthday Party

Eventually, the unwelcomed sharp-toothed guest ate its fill and then went wandered back to where it came from. Laura said the animal was particularly fond of the cupcakes, and its favorite seemed to be salted caramel. Luckily, no one was hurt. But the party guests did end up going home hungry.

Laura told the publication that bear spottings are common in her neighborhood. She will occasionally see one passing through her property in the morning. But the animals always mind their own business and stay away when people are present. So she was shocked that this particular animal was bold enough to approach a crowd.

“I’m also very afraid of bears,” she added. “I have been for a long time, we had never been outside while the bear was here.”

But on the day of the event, September 3, she actually saw two black bears. While she was honking her car horn she noticed another in her neighbor’s yard.

“That was on the other side of the street, it wasn’t on our property yet and that bear ran away. But this bear was unfazed,” Laura said.