WATCH: Black Bear Destroys Kid’s Snowman as He Watches on in Horror

by Sean Griffin
(Photo By Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

In North Vancouver, a black bear found a snowman and decided to ruin the fun. In a video captured by the family, we see the bear destroy the freshly-made snowman.

Keith Mewis says his wife Georgia recorded the scene from the safety of their kitchen. The bear began picking apart the snowman their son had made a day earlier.

The neighborhood had just about an inch of snow over the weekend. It was enough for five-year-old son Tycho and his cousins to make a fine snowman, complete with a carrot nose and a traffic cone hat.

However, on Monday, a bear decided the snowman had lived long enough.

In just a few short minutes, it had taken the snowman apart.

In the video, the Mewis’ young daughter Electra can be heard saying “go away” to the animal outside.

The bear seemed unfazed by the little girl. It continued to roll around on the ground, gripping parts of the snowman.

“We figured that he would be trying to eat the carrot but he left the carrot behind. At one point he picked up the traffic cone we’re using as a hat, picked it up with his paws, and was playing with it, so it looks like he was just around to have a good time,” Mewis said.

Now, with more flurries in the forecast for this week, the family has plans to build a new snowman.

“Absolutely snowman version 2.0. We will be back… and I guess we’ll get it reinforced in something a little bit stronger to be able to play [with it] for a little bit longer,” he said.

However, Mewis says the incident serves as another reminder about the importance of bear awareness.

Virginia Black Bears Are Losing Their Fur at an Alarming Rate: Here’s Why

Black bears across the state of Virginia have been stricken with a disease called mange at an alarming range. The disease leaves the bears with patches of their typically thick fur rubbed off and scabs and sores across their bodies.

The disease has been spreading among more bears and to a larger geographic area recently, according to the Washington Post.

Wildlife officials said the disease is caused by mites. Mange has shown up more frequently this year in black bears. It’s been previously spotted in the state but has now recently spread to other areas across the state. Researchers also aren’t exactly sure what’s causing the uptick in spread.

For years, Virginia wildlife officials received reports of a few mange cases in bears here and there. They were located in Frederick and Shenandoah counties. However, since 2018, there’s been an increase in the “frequency and geographic spread” of the disease in the state’s black bear population. An estimated 18,000 black bears call Virginia home.

Officials said this fall that they continue getting reports of more black bears with mange. However, now over 18 counties, mostly in the northwestern part of the state, have reported these cases.

Since 2018, there have been around 120 to 150 reports of mangy bears in Virginia each year.