WATCH: Black Bear Frantically Fights Swarm of Backyard Bees to Claim Their Honey

by Megan Molseed
(Photo Getty Images/ Don White

It’s no secret that bears love honey. And, as one wild video shows, some black bears are willing to do almost anything to get a taste of the delectable nectar. One bear is even prepared to go head to head with the honey creators, incurring the wrath of irate bees as they protect the hive.

It looks like such an innocent adventure in cartoons. Winnie the Pooh Bear wouldn’t think twice about swiping his paw in a hive of bees to swipe some delicious honey. And, the bees didn’t seem to mind at all. Some of the buzzy little insects even hanging out with Pooh for a bit. Buzzing around the curious bear in the Hundred Acre Woods. However, according to one recent YouTube video, this kind of snack isn’t an easy grab for bears in real-life.

In fact, this particular bear faces some wrath from the busy buzzing bees as it tries to snatch a bit of honey. Even returning to the scene to try and get another taste, despite the painful price!

No Pain, No Gain! This Dedicated Black Bear Is Willing To Pay A Painful Price For Some Delicious Honey

The hungry bear first tried to sneak some honey from the Connecticut beehive earlier this month, reports note. However, the homeowner was about to shoo the hungry bear away from the bees before it applied any major damage to the hives. The bear wasn’t going g to give up so easily, though. It returned to the scene later that night to complete the plan with a very sweet prize in play, no doubt.

Initially, the bees begin buzzing around the furry wild animal as it is determined to find the honey within the hive that the bees are so focused on protecting. However, the bear is willing to put up with some pain, it seems. The taste of honey must be well worth it.

As the video continues, we see the bees guarding the hive, buzzing around the animal. And, it’s clear they aren’t pulling any punches when it comes to their painful stings. The snackish black bear jumps and flinches as the buzzing creatures land on the animal’s body. The bear keeps at it for a bit. Grabbing the hive, picking it up in its paws. Knocking the hive around a bit.

Soon, the animal runs off the screen for a brief moment. The bees have already started to attack the intruder. The bear tries a few more times. Moving to different angles in an effort to avoid the army of bees. Soon, however, the hungry animal decides that this snack isn’t worth the pain. And, it moves off headed back into the cloak of the woods.