WATCH: Black Bear Makes Tennessee Whitetail Its Next Meal in Wild Video

by Chris Haney

Last weekend, two men were on a night fishing excursion in eastern Tennessee when they captured a black bear attacking a whitetail deer. The men captured the wild encounter on video, which is now making the rounds online.

Dustin Tolley and Adam Buckles went out to night fish on Sunday, July 17. What they caught on camera during their fishing trip was unexpected to say the least. While on the water at Watauga Lake east of Elizabethton, Tennessee, the two friends heard some strange sounds in the distance.

“[We] heard the craziest sound coming off the mountain right towards the boat,” Tolley wrote on a Facebook post about the incident. “So, we got the boat light to shine to see what was coming toward us, and this is what we saw.”

Johnson City’s CBS affiliate, News Channel 11, posted the video to their YouTube account on Tuesday. The graphic clip shows a large black bear taking down an adult whitetail deer. Tolley and Buckles used a spotlight to light up the area as one of the friends recorded the crazy scenes. In the clip, you can see the black bear biting and pawing at the deer to keep it pinned down. The bear seems to be dragging the deer, which is still alive, up the mountain as it attempted to get away from its attacker.

“Eighty-five percent of a black bear’s diet is made up of vegetation. But you wouldn’t know it after watching this video,” Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wrote on Facebook about the encounter. “We want to take this opportunity to remind people not to feed or approach bears. We know they appear cute and cuddly, and you may want to take pictures with them. But remember, they are predators and may attack when provoked or hungry.”

Black Bear Attacks and Kills Family’s Beloved Chihuahua in Florida

On Monday, another black bear attack was reported, but this time a Florida family lost their beloved pet in the encounter. Shawn and Rusty Wildman’s six-year-old Chihuahua, Maggi, was the victim of a recent black bear attack in Santa Rosa County.

While speaking with local news station WKRG, Shawn and Rusty recalled the horrific scene outside of their home. The family was still distraught after losing Maggi, one of their three dogs.

“I’m running, screaming to the top of my lungs,” Rusty said to WKRG.

“I could tell what it was by the way he was screaming,” Shawn added.

Rusty went on to share that he took their three dogs out about 5 p.m. on July 18th. Rusty said that their dogs didn’t stray too far from the home’s front porch. But all of a sudden, three black bears strolled up to the house from the backyard.

“The other two started to go, but the other one turned around and snatched her and took off right behind them. And it was one of the cubs that got her, not the mama,” Rusty explained to the outlet.

It sounds like the incident occurred in a flash as the family shared that the black bears hurried off into the woods. As they ran away, one of the bears dropped Maggi’s lifeless body in the yard.

Shawn and Rusty added that they always practice bear safety, including keeping their trash cans locked. They’re also asking that the state addresses the ongoing black bear issue in Florida.

“Our state has got to do something to protect us,” said Shawn.

“I don’t want to see the bears killed but I would like to see them relocated to a safe place for them and for us,” Rusty added.