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WATCH: Black Bear Spotted Strolling Through Downtown Knoxville

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Friso Gentsch/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A Monday morning video out of Knoxville, Tennessee captures the moment a curious black bear found himself wandering the streets and sidewalks surrounding downtown’s City County Government building. While the bear didn’t encounter any humans—save for a graveyard shift deputy—wildlife officers are using the clip to highlight that black bears are more commonly finding their way into urban areas.

WBIR reports the footage was captured around 4:45 a.m. on Monday. The footage sees the bear exploring the building’s open lower-level parking garage before encountering the graveyard shift deputy who kept a safe distance from the bruin.

Per the news outlet, the footage was provided to WBIR from the Public Building Authority. After exploring the parking garage, the black bear then wandered to Hill Avenue, which is across the street from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office’s sally port, the entryway in which authorities bring suspects in for questioning. Eventually, the large animal began making its way up Main Street.

The deputy that spotted the black bear chose not to call wildlife authorities, instead letting the animal go on about its evening. After the video went made local news, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency warned residents that spot wild animals like black bears to keep their distance, and not to engage. Authorities left this bear alone as it posed no immediate threat to nearby humans.

The video of the black bear exploring one of Tennessee’s urban centers is unusual, though, sadly, growing more and more popular. As humans continue to grow and expand urban centers, wildlife, including black bears, are more frequently finding their habitats overlapping with those of humans, putting both groups in danger.

Black Bear Steals Deer’s Fawn Right Out From Under Her Nose

Though their small fuzzy ears and nub of a tail might suggest otherwise, black bears are opportunistic hunters. While some prefer berries and others prefer leftovers from the local trash can, one black bear recently proved that, when presented with the opportunity, these creatures will not hesitate to prey upon more vulnerable infant animals. A heartbreaking video captures the moment one huge black bear snatches a doe’s fawn right out from under her nose.

The video, in total, is about three minutes long. The earliest moments of the clip see the mother deer gently trying to nudge her infant to its feet. Sadly, though, we begin to realize that it must be suffering from some kind of deformity or defect because it can’t stand. This is unusual because fawns are born with their eyes open and completely covered in fur. They’re capable of standing within 10 minutes of birth and are able to walk within seven hours.

As we see in the clip, an entire day passes and the exposed fawn is unable to move from its spot. Toward the latter half of the video, we can see the sun start to fade. The final moments see a black bear enter the frame, savagely latching onto the fawn and running away with it. Seconds later, the distressed mother deer pops back into the frame, desperately looking for her baby.