WATCH: The Black Heron May Have the Most Cunning Hunting Method in the Animal Kingdom

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Henk Bogaard)

Nature is an amazing thing…and one recent Outsider tweet gives us a glimpse of the magic we can see in the wild as a black heron utilizes a very unique hunting technique. The technique entails the black heron – sometimes referred to as an “umbrella bird” shading the water with its wings, luring the fish toward it for capture.

“Peek-a-boo King,” quips the Outsider Twitter page in a November 11 post. The caption continues to note that this is the “black heron or the “umbrella bird”” and that it “shades the water to lure and catch fish.”

The video begins with the majestic and mysterious bird stepping (more like tiptoeing) in the water. Its wings spread as it walks. However, this is just the start of the bird’s hunting technique. In no time we get a glimpse of the unique way the black heron lures fish toward it for capture.

The Black Heron’s Wings Form A Stunning “Umbrella” As It Lures Fish Into A Trap

The black heron spreads its wings. Spanning the feathers around its head and forming a perfect sort of “umbrella” in that spot. The Outsider Twitter caption continues on to note that this is the “black heron or the “umbrella bird”” and that it “shades the water to lure and catch fish.”

This bird clearly knows what it’s doing when it sets out to catch a fish or two. After all, fish are a core part of many wildlife diets, not just the diet of a blue heron. However, one recent video catches a red fox expertly catching fish…something that experts say is fairly unusual.

A Red Fox Is Caught On Video, Expertly Catching Fish

Red foxes are known for their diet of mostly rodents, and similar small game such as rabbits, birds, and reptiles. Even squirrels. However, recent footage showing a male red fox catching multiple fish tells us that the red fox’s diet may be even more diverse than scientists thought.

The observations note that fish are fairly unusual prey for a red fox. And, on the few occasions, researchers have witnessed a fox snacking on a fish it was unclear if they had obtained the fish via scavenging or hunting.

“Here, we report what may be the first known case of several fish hunted by a red fox,” researchers note in Science News. “We have been studying this species for years, but we never expected something like this.”

The Red Fox’s Fishing Skills Are Quite Impressive

According to the researchers, this male fox emerged from the water with a fish held securely in its jaws in as many as 83 percent of the attempts. Catching one carp after another like an expert.

“The most surprising thing was to see how the fox hunted many carp without making any mistakes,” the researchers note. “This made us realize that it was surely not the first time he had done it.”