WATCH: Blue Heron Yanks Rodent From the Ground Before Hawk Swoops in and Steals the Meal

by Megan Molseed

Nature gives just as often as it takes away. This is the lesson one crafty blue heron learned recently when it snatched up a rodent from the ground. Only to lose the catch in a last-minute ambush by a hungry hawk.

In a viral Insta video, we see a blue heron move slowly and carefully across the grass. The bird is clearly keeping a very intense and keen eye on something just below the grass’s surface. Soon, the curious blue heron pokes at something with one swift move. However, it comes up empty with this move.

But, a determination for the hunt is something this bird clearly knows well as it pokes its beak into the dirt one more time. And, this time the bird doesn’t come up empty. Instead, the blue heron is holding in its beak a fairly good-sized rodent.

“The great blue heron could be considered an unwilling sub-contractor in this instance,” quips the Nature Is Metal Instagram post.

However, the blue heron’s swift moves catching the burrowing rodent didn’t last long. And soon, this swiftly hunted creature would turn into a snack for another swift bird of prey.

A Sneaky Hawk Fakes Out The Blue Heron, Swiping Its Catch In The Process

The blue heron holds the rodent in its beak for a beat before adjusting the grip a little more. Then the bird stops for a little bit…almost as if it has heard something concerning. Then, in an instant the heron ducks as it turns around, spreading its wings intent on taking off, flying into the sky.

But, before the heron could get off the ground, the hawk swoops in…blowing past the bird as it drops the rodent onto the ground. Not willing to tangle with a hawk, the other bird takes off. The hawk returns into view just a few short seconds later. Keenly aware that the other bird’s snack was still lying in the grass, ready for the taking.

And the hawk was just fine with this forced exchange. Swooping down and picking up the frightened furry rodent from the grass. Flying off into the distance clutching the snack tightly in its talons.

A Great Blue Heron Swallows Its Catch Whole In One Boss Move

This determined and hungry bird may have lost its catch. However, luck was on the side of another great blue heron one Insta post shows, as the bird snatches a rodent up from the water. Swallowing it whole.

“It took the Great Blue Heron only a few seconds to lift the rat, once killed, out of the water and swallow it,” the Instagram post shares. “this morning at the Central Park Pond.”