WATCH: Boston Angler Is Absolutely Dumbfounded by Ocean Sunfish

by Amy Myers
Photo by Reinhard Dirscherlullstein bild via Getty Images

To be fair, if you’ve never seen an ocean sunfish before, they can catch you by surprise. With bizarre fins and even stranger behavior, it can seem like a distressed marine animal… or maybe even an alien, which is why these two Bah-ston anglers absolutely flipped out when they found one bobbing below the water’s surface.

Ocean sunfish (otherwise known as Mola mola) aren’t as magical as the name makes them seem. In fact, they’re just downright weird. They have two huge fins on the top and bottom of their torso but no tail or really any back end of their flat body. They also lack a swim bladder which allows most fish to float buoyantly across the currents. Because of this, the animal just kind of flops around, slapping the surface of the water in a way that looks like a half-eaten fish.

It was this exact behavior that caught the eyes of fishermen Michael Bergin and Jay Foster (or Mikey and Jaybro, as they call themselves in the hilarious video). Ocean sunfish aren’t necessarily rare in Massachusetts waters, and in fact, the state has even had to beg well-meaning tourists to stop calling about an “injured animal” in the water, according to the New York Times.

Similarly, Mikey and Jay had no clue what they had come across in their boat, but they were positive that it was something that would put them on the news. Little did they know that their own reactions would steal the spotlight.

Watch the video below… but just beware, there are a ton of expletives. So, if you’re watching from your desk, maybe slip in some headphones because you won’t want to miss the audio.

Mikey and Jaybro Hook the Sunfish

Oh, but that’s not all, Outsiders. There’s a part two to the experience.

After who-knows-how-long, Jaybro and Mikey hook the ocean sunfish and bring it to the edge of their boat for a closer look. They offered a few more guesses about the creature’s species, one suggestion even being a certain literary white whale, before declaring that they would end up on “Fahx 25.”

It just never gets old.

Ocean Sunfish Discoverers End up on Jimmy Kimmel

Not surprisingly, the video went viral – nearly 4 million views sort of viral – and sure enough, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel picked it up and asked the two Red Socks fans to come on the show. Much like the original footage, itself, the conversation didn’t disappoint.

They were just as animated in this clip as they were when they actually found the ocean sunfish. Really, it seems like wherever these two Boston buddies end up, there will always be a party.

Take a listen.

If they ever decide to become narrators for National Geographic, you know we’ll be watching.