WATCH: Brave Man Grabs Wild King Cobra by the Head With His Bare Hand

by Megan Molseed

The internet is reacting to a shocking video as one fearless man uses his snake-charming ninja skills to grab the head of a wild cobra with his bare hands.

The video depicts the man who has now been identified as Diaz Borneo as he skillfully distracts and grabs a huge king cobra by the head with his bare hands. And now the shocking video is eliciting a big reaction from the internet community.

Instagram Users Are Enamored With Man’s Skillful Moves As He Grabs Wild King Cobra With His Bare Hands

As the Instagram clip begins, we see the man who has been named to be Diaz Borneo start his brave encounter by putting his right hand behind the frightening serpent’s head. Then, as the two begin a cat and mouse game on the dirt road, Diaz begins a series of moves to successfully distract the cobra.

The video shows that the snake is keenly aware of many of Diaz’s efforts to distract. Resisting many of Diaz’s attempts to grab the serpent…however, the snake-charmer triumphs in the end. Skillfully grabbing the king cobra by the end of the clip.

“Top 3 hardest snake catches of all time in my book,” the wild Instagram post begins.

“@diazborneo took us to school in the jungle,” the post continues. “[I]n our latest episode on how to catch WYLD snakes !”

Of course, as with any majorly shocking video such as this one, Insta fans are invited to check out the link in the bio.

“Follow @[email protected]@diazborneo,” the comment adds.

Insta Fans React To Wild Video

“First time I have seen a man use genjustu on a snake,” one Insta user comments on the video.

“My dude started doing jutsu,” another commenter says of the skillful king cobra snake-handling clip.

Other Instagram users expressed what we were all thinking as the clip unfolds…intense fear and relief when it’s over! “I was sweating and screaming,” the commenter quips. “phew.”

“Yea, I want to give that a go,” one Insta user says, adding a quippish “(Said no one ever)”.

Another user notes that Diaz gets major props for his skillful snake handling technique. But it’s definitely something that they would never dare to attempt on their own!

“Shout out to him,” the Insta fan comments. “But. That’s HELL NO, for me!”

Of course, one fan had to point out what we were all thinking…even as we remained horrified by the tense clip. Diaz is showing off some impressive moves. “That’s some Gangsta thing right there,” one commenter relates.