WATCH: Brave New Hampshire Dog Refuses to Back Down From Black Bear on the Front Porch

by Amy Myers

Few of us would voluntarily challenge a black bear, but this dog stopped at nothing to ensure that his home and family inside were safe.

The New Hampshire pup’s valiant efforts were caught on a Ring camera in front of his owners’ home. In the cover of night, a black bear came a little too close for the canine’s liking, so he decided to take security measures into its own paws.

The clip starts when the dog has already backed the black bear into the corner of the front porch. Teeth baring and low tail wagging, the dog meant business. It fearlessly lurched towards the giant creature that was easily four times his size, clearly letting it know that it was not welcome here.

Meanwhile, the bear immediately recognized its mistake and looked for an exit. After a few moments, the grade-A watchdog backed off a bit and let the bear walk down the stairs. Tentatively, the black bear wandered back onto the lawn. The pup, satisfied with the message he had sent, kept watch beside the cars in the driveway until the bear left the premises.

Seconds later, the owner named Zach poked his head out the front door and commended his dog for protecting their home.

“Good boy,” he said as the pup wagged his tail.

The dog barked a few more times just to be sure the black bear ever thought of trying to rummage around the property again.

Naturally, viewers of the video commended the pup for his heroic actions.

“Impressive to see a domesticated animal turn the clock back 30,000 years on that bear,” one person wrote. “He deserves a place in doggy Valhalla after that brave encounter.”

Viewers Also Give Props to the Black Bear

We’ve seen plenty of incidents where bear encounters end in disastrous results for all species involved. Thankfully, this time, there were no major injuries for either the dog or the black bear.

Of course, this is largely because of the dog’s bravery and persistence, but this is also because of the bear’s actions – or lack thereof – too.

Typically, bears aren’t afraid to use their own claws and teeth when they need to. But this one seemed too timid to take action. And viewers picked up on this, too.

“I’m impressed at how calm the bear is,” one person wrote. “that COULD have gone very badly for our very good boy but old pal bear just wanted to have a look about, find a bin to raid and peace out.”

The viewer also pointed out that the dog put up one hell of a fight which ultimately proved to risky for the bear to take on.

Either way, that dog deserves a steak dinner.