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WATCH: Brown Bear Goes From Sitting Calmly to Charging Photographer in a Split Second

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Bears are notorious for digging through people’s trash, and this brown bear is no different. This clip starts out seemingly innocently, as the large bear sits on its hind amid trash that it has strewn about everywhere. The bear peers around, looking docile, before it decides to spring into action and gun for the people filming it.

The video comes from the Alaska Film Archives, and it shows this huge brown bear in southeast Alaska. After taking its dump dive, it decides to bolt after the car where a group of kids filming sits inside.

You can watch the heart-pounding clip below.

The bear rapidly transitions from its sitting position and launches into attack mode, running after the vehicle. The camera pans down for am moment. In a fit of laughter, the kids inside yell “start the car!”

Eventually, as we see the car stat driving away, the kids in the car start to compose themselves, although they can’t stop laughing at the huge scare they just received.

Regardless of whether you think they were completely safe inside their vehicle, one thing is for sure: we’d probably react the same exact way they did. We’re sure this group won’t ever forget this experience.

Plenty of commenters voiced their opinions on the ordeal. Some seemed upset that the kids were laughing during the incident, and others took the opportunity to crack a few jokes.

“That bears itchin for a good meal,” one person wrote.

Viewers Online React to Crazy Footage of Brown Bear Charging

“Not funny,” another said, upset with the jovial attitudes of the peole in the car. “Too close. very lucky!!”

Some people were harsher in their assessment of the kids in the car. “Idiots! must be funny to be so dumb,” they wrote.

Another person shared a similar thought, reminding them that bears have been known to open car doors. “I’ll bet the laughing would have ceased immediately had the bear gotten the door open . . .”

One user agreed. “You think thats funny, just wait until it start to pull your guts out and make a meal out of ya……then that would be really funny.”

Brown bears like this one are plentiful across Alaska, which has recently made headlines for a petition they’ve filed concerning the bears.

The state filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court late last month, challenging a federal ban on brown bear baiting.

The 2016 ban prohibits the use of bait while hunting brown bears inside the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge’s boundaries. The refuge spans nearly two million-acres, and it’s situated in the southeastern part of the state.

In its October 27 petition, the state argued that the baiting ban is unconstitutional. They claim that the ban, first instituted by the Obama administration, unjustly overrides Alaska’s authority to set hunting regulations on federal lands within its own borders.

The petition remains part of a long-standing battle between Alaskan officials and federal agencies over wildlife management orders on federal lands.