WATCH: Buck Rescued After Getting Stuck in Both Net and Sawhorse Back to Back

by Megan Molseed

One Michigan buck was having a hard time recently as it just couldn’t seem to get a break. This deer was so down on his luck that he had to be rescued not once, but twice by officers in just one day. First, the unfortunate animal found itself all tangled up in tree netting. Thankfully, officers were quick to come to his aid.

However, the freedom was incredibly short-lived. Just moments after the wayward deer was rescued from the tree netting it took off, headed for freedom. However, it didn’t get far as it went straight into another obstacle.

Oh ‘Deer!’ Watch As Michigan Police Come To The Assistance Of One Unlucky Buck

It was lucky that the Ann Arbor Police Department in Michigan was on hand recently when officers responded to a call from a resident reporting that a buck was twisted up in some netting. The police officer responded to the distress call on Wednesday, September 7.

Upon arrival at the residence, the deputy saw the buck in distress. Its antlers were tangled in netting in a residential backyard. After calming the nervous deer down a bit, the responding officer was able to cut it loose.

However, the deer would only get a moment of freedom, it seems. The deer was glad to be cut free of the netting, for sure. However, this is a wild animal.

And, all the human attention the deer received during the rescue was not making it feel very comfortable. And the buck was ready to hightail it outta there as soon as he was free of the netting. But, things did not go so smoothly and the deer soon found itself in another precarious situation.

The Deer Takes Off, Getting Stuck In The Same Yard, Once Again

The Ann Arbor Police Department shared the video on its Facebook page, showing the rescuing officer as they cut through the netting to free the panicked animal. The frightened buck then attempts to hightail it out of the area, only to find itself stuck on a saw horse within the same yard.

“Oh deer!” the Ann Arbor Police Department Facebook page reads.

“Officer Dattolo responded to a call for assistance this morning and rescued one of our four-legged residents,” the post continues, noting the call came in just before 8:30 a.m. that morning.

“[We] received a call about a deer that had become tangled in some netting and was stuck in a resident’s back yard,” the department continues in the post.

“Officer Dattolo was able to calmly approach the deer and cut it free from the sports netting,” the incident recount continues. “…before again freeing it from a [sawhorse].”

The Facebook page notes that the deer “eventually made a safe (but frantic) exit and was happily on [its] way.”