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WATCH: Buck Spotted Walking Around in Oregon With Christmas Lights Tangled on Antlers

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Romy Arroyo Fernandez/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

This buck seems to be in the Christmas spirit ahead of the holiday season.

Even though we’ve just turned the page into December, this buck got an early start to the Christmas season on Wednesday, November 30th.

Officials in Oregon found a buck with its antlers caught in a string of lights. The animal had originally been spotted before Thanksgiving, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Dallas Police Department officers then saw the animal on Nov. 30 and were able to track down the deer.

They then sedated the buck and removed the lights. Wildlife officials placed a yellow tag on the buck before releasing him back to the wild.

“To all you Clark Griswolds out there, we know you love decorating for Christmas but this is a step too far! This buck got a head start on decking the halls,” wildlife officials said.

You can view the buck with lights tangled in its antlers below, where the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife posted a picture on Facebook.

One person took to the comments to reveal they had spotted the buck with the lights. “I’m glad he was released from his Rudolph duties!” they joked online.

“The deer who stole Christmas,” another person wrote.

After Buck Entanglement, Officials Urge Residents to Hang Lights Higher

In their caption to the post, officials advised the public to hang lights in high places so bucks can’t get tangled in them. They also asked people to take down unused hammocks or volleyball nets, as the animals frequently get stuck in these, too.

The animals begin to rub their antlers on trees and bushes in September to get rid of velvet. They also do this in October and mid-December to mark their territory and show dominance, officials said.

They can get objects stuck in their antlers while doing this, officials said. In some cases, entanglements can become serious for deer because the animal could die. These entanglements can also be dangerous for the wildlife officials trying to free the animal. It is also extremely stressful for the deer when trapped in these objects, wildlife officials said.

Dallas, Oregon is about 15 miles west of Salem.

Many local authorities across western states have urged similar requests for residents. Recently,

Idaho Fish & Game Department asked all local residents to ‘winterize’ their yards. The reminder was especially well-suited for those who live near an abundance of wildlife.

The department warns that wildlife can easily become entangled in backyard objects. This can result in injury and sometimes death. They report that animals can die from “choking, exhaustion, or [by injuring] themselves in efforts to get free.” They also stress that entangled wildlife can easily injure people trying to free them from outdoor equipment, so for the safety of all involved, ensuring that your yard is ‘winterized’ is always a good call.