WATCH: Buffalo Charges, Tosses Lion Like a Ragdoll With Its Horns

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Manoj Shah)

Lions and buffalo are not buddies in the great outdoors. And, landing one of the massive grazing animals could feed a lion pride for days. However, doing so isn’t an easy task…buffalos are no small creatures so they aren’t easily taken down. Nor are they willing to give in when a battle is afoot. And, this is exactly what on recent Instagram clip shares as we see a wild lion versus buffalo moment. In this clip, one lion learns just how tough a buffalo is to take down…even when a few lions are focused on the attack.

One Video Shows That There Is Clearly No Love Lost Between Grazing Buffalo And Hungry Lions

In a recent Instagram post, the Nature Is Metal page shares a wild video depicting the moment a buffalo takes on an approaching lion. This buffalo wasn’t about to let itself…or any other members of the herd…become food for this carnivore. The clip shows the brave buffalo standing its ground eventually taking on the hungry lion. In doing so, the buffalo catches the wild cat on its horns. Tossing the predator in the air like a rag doll.

“There is no love lost between lions and [African] buffalo,” notes the Nature Is Metal Instagram page along with the wild clip.

“When large prides are looking for food, the adult buffalo suits this massive caloric requirement flawlessly,” the Instagram post explains.

“As long as they can single one out and wear it down to the point of exhaustion, they’ll eat good for days,” the caption continues.

The Buffalo May Be A Tough Target, But It’s Well Worth It For A Pride Of Hungry Lions!

According to the Nature Is Lit Instagram post, these adult buffalo are not an easy target for the hungry predators to take down. However, if a lion can score this hunt it will be eating well for a while.

“The problem is, save for maybe a few others,” the Instagram post shares.

“The adult cape buffalo is one of the hardest targets to bag,” the Nature Is Metal Insta page continues.

“On their own, they are formidable,” the Instagram post notes.

“[But as a heard they are a living breathing wall of death,” the message adds. “[That] would have zero reservations in stamping out a few pride members.”

“Cape buffalo are not always on the defensive either,” the message adds noting that these buffalo are also known to deliberately cause drama in the great outdoors!

“They are known to actively hunt lion cubs,” the Nature Is Metal page shares. According to the post, sometimes the buffalo “intentionally seek out snoozing prides.” This, the post quips serves to “f**k up their 20-hour beauty sleep.”

“Any heavy sleepers that don’t wake up in time are in danger of being trampled under hoof,” the post explains.

“Or worse,” the message adds, these lions could end up getting “flipped a** over tea kettle with an expertly executed flick of the neck while they are still asleep,” the post hilariously explains.