WATCH: Bull Elk Charges Photographer, Sending Him Running for His Life

by Chris Haney
(jared lloyd via Getty Images)

Recently, a woman in Colorado filmed a bull elk charging at a photographer who went running for his life after getting too close to the animal. In the clip, viewers can see numerous bystanders taking videos and pictures of a herd of elk. One man in particular though is standing in the field closer than most. The bull elk warns him as he mews after feeling threatened. What happens next could’ve meant disaster for the photographer, but he was lucky to walk away unscathed.

In a video posted on September 24, several visitors in Estes Park, Colorado came across a gang of elk. One enormous bull elk stood out with its humongous antlers on full display as it walked around a field near a road. According to the woman videoing the encounter, the photographer had been encroaching on the male elk for around 15 minutes. Eventually, the animal had had enough.

At the end of the clip, the bull elk puts its head down and charges directly at the photographer. The beast comes within just a foot or two of the man as he runs away. We’re not sure he has any clue how lucky he is to not have gotten gored by the elk’s huge antlers.

Bystander Megan Foster captured the scene with her cell phone and posted the encounter on Instagram. Like the rest of us, she couldn’t resist calling the guy an idiot for invading the bull elk’s space. In fact, after the elk chased the man away, Foster can be heard hollering in approval as she screamed, “Yesssss!”

“THIS IDIOT!!” Foster wrote on Instagram. “This went on for 15 minutes, the Male Elk was so stressed out, it was sad… #estespark #elk #gethim #mad #idiot.”

Father Unwisely Gets Kids to Pose With Approaching Bull Elk

In other recent dumb tourist news involving bull elk, a father put his children at risk of being gored just to have a photo with the majestic animal. As a huge bull elk approached, the dad took the opportunity to take a photo of his two kids with their backs to the animal. Not smart to say the least.

Luckily, the bull elk kept walking past the family and no one was hurt in the encounter. But the National Parks Service suggests to give all wildlife at least 25 yards of space, including 100 yards for bears. Watching the wildlife from a distance helps keep you and the animals safe. Especially in this case when male elk can be unpredictable and aggressive during rutting season.

“Risk your kids health and safety for a photo? Would you?” the southeast.alaska Instagram page wrote in their post. “A mature bull elk stands 5 feet tall, and may weigh 700 pounds or more. Their antlers are not just ornamental. During the breeding season, or rut, they use their antlers to aggressively defend their harems of females against other bulls.”

“I watched this scene unfold during my recent visit to Yellowstone National Park near the Lake Lodge. Park Service communications warn visitors to stay 25 yards or more from elk and bison because they can be aggressive and charge without warning. Even so, I saw quite a few people within that range, apparently relying on luck to see them through,” the account added. “And, my answer is NO. I would not risk my children just for a photo.”