WATCH: Bull Moose in Rut Tumbles into Truck Bed During Violent Battle With Competitor

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Florence and Joseph McGinn)

Recently, one Colorado teenager caught a wild video of a couple of bull moose stuck in a battle of a lifetime as they fight head to head. The battle becomes so intense, in fact, that the massive animals end up tumbling towards a pickup truck…one of the fighting moose landing right into the truck bed. However, this obstacle didn’t even slow the fierce animals down. They kept right at it as the persons recording the fight decided to stop filming…and hopefully head to safety!

Capturing The Moment Two Bull Moose Spar Right Into The Bed Of A Pickup

Recently, a resident of Steamboat springs Colorado caught a once-in-a-lifetime battle on video as two bull moose battle it out in the middle of mating season. The aggressive battle gets so intense as the bull moose take each other on that they don’t even notice as they head straight toward a parked pickup truck in the heat of battle.

“When the big boys decide to spar at the [neighbor’s] house,” notes a recent Facebook post depicting the epic stand-off. Then, as with any intense video such as this one, the Facebook poster notes that viewers who want the full effect of the moment should make sure to “turn on the sound and watch till the end.”

Officials Warn That This Time Of Year Is Especially Dangerous As The Bulls Battle It Out During Mating Season

The intense video shows the moment that the two bull moose battle it out in the yard. Soon, however, the aggressive battle moves along, headed toward the driveway. And a parked silver pickup truck. However, the animals did not seem to notice this obstacle. They soon tumble right into the vehicle, and one of the giant moose falls right into the truck’s bed.

This wild video clip has caught the attention of officials at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. This has prompted the officials to warn residents of the dangers these massive animals can pose as they become more aggressive during mating season.

According to the experts, these rutting seasons begin in September and continue on into the fall season. And, the officials note, this process often begins with the bull moose fighting it out as they claim territories. Going head to head against one another driving off – or even killing – any challengers in the area.

Experts note that an adult bull moose can weigh as much as 1,200 pounds and it’s vitally important that any onlookers step away from a battle such as this one. Some tips from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials note that people should run away as fast and as soon as possible. Hiding behind a large object such as a large tree or a rock. Also, if injured it is pertinent that one seeks immediate medical attention.