WATCH: Bull Stuck on Building Has to Be Rescued by Crane After Staircase Attempt Fails

by Megan Molseed

A video showing a massive bull being rescued from atop a building in India has surfaced online. The jaw-dropping viral video clip features the bull as it is slowly being set onto the ground while wrapped in a harness of ropes.

The rescue efforts lowering the enormous bull onto the ground below included tying the bull up with some incredibly strong and sturdy ropes. And then using a crane to lower the animal down.

Of course, it’s not often that we see a bull being lowered from a large building…and a move like this is likely to bring a lot of looky-loos. As is evident in the video that has now become viral. Crowds can be seen standing on top of the building, watching the rescue operation unfold.

Thankfully, the wayward animal is fine with the help provided in the rescue. The animal calmly let the humans help move it safely back onto the ground. A rescue effort such as this one would be awfully challenging if the bull was bucking while hanging in mid-air, wrapped in the ropes.

It’s Almost Like A “Bull In A China Shop,” Only This Time It’s A Bank

Sure, the phrase “bull in a china shop” isn’t literal. It’s a saying developed to create an image of something large and chaotic running amok in among delicate and fragile objects. However, this phrase is one that certainly comes to mind when watching a shocking video of a bull breaking into an Israeli bank recently. Charging through the building and causing an unbelievable amount of chaos.

According to reports, the bull escaped from a nearby property shortly before tearing through the Tel-Aviv bank. As the clip begins, we see the large animal running through a bank hallway. Slipping and sliding along the way. As the NY Post notes, the bull runs through the building as a group of workers tries their best to wrangle the animal. However, chances are, if one is working at a bank, bull wrangling isn’t your forté!

But, they certainly try their best. Using some unusually unique techniques, the group gathers a variety of objects to try and redirect the wayward animal. These include a traffic cone and a rope. Also, the wild animal isn’t the only one running down this bank building’s hallways. The brave people trying to capture the animal begin racing down the same walkways. Hoping to inspire the animal to move.

It’s a video that, despite the potentially deadly outcome, is pretty hilarious. Thankfully no one was hurt in the heart-pounding impromptu bull-wrangling incident!