WATCH: Bunny Meets Death From Above Just Days After Being Rescued From House Cat

by Jonathan Howard

When you’re a little critter out in the great outdoors, things can get pretty nasty. This poor bunny was saved just to delay the inevitable. Even when you try to do the right thing, look after nature, nurture it in fact – nature has a way of telling you it doesn’t need your help. From being saved from a house cat to being snatched up by a hawk.

Life in the outdoors is rough. Nature is nasty and brutish, and life is short. Even in the safety of suburbia, there is a predator sitting nearby and waiting to take advantage. While this was an unfortunate end for the bunny in this story, the hawk was able to come away with a full belly.

Over on Instagram, Nature Is Metal keeps folks up to date with all the latest in badass and gruesome nature videos. This one goes from wholesome to horror pretty quickly.

Bunny Snatched Up By Hawk

Watch the video below and see for yourself.

I think some old timers might say something to the effect of “Out of the frying pan and into the fire.” This bunny was sure that it had been rescued and saved. The kind samaritan took the time to rehab this defenseless creature. However, death was knocking at the door and there was nothing else they could do. When it’s time, it’s time it seems.

The good thing is, that there are a whole lot of bunny rabbits in the world. While this little one didn’t make it to old age, there are a whole lot of others out there that will go on to mate and reproduce and live (relatively) long lives. Such is the way of nature if left to flourish.

Besides, it isn’t always the prey that takes the bad end of the stick. Sometimes, there are times when the predator gets made the fool.

Hawk Gets Stuck on Grill of Car

Humanity and nature have been at odds for centuries. So, it’s only natural that the eternal battle continues on in the form of cars and roadkill. The two just don’t mix very well, do they? This poor hawk the other day had to be rescued from the grill of a car on the highway. It was able to survive, amazingly enough, and the rescue mission went without incident.

However, it’s a reminder that even the fastest, smartest predators can make mistakes. This hawk was probably going for some fresh road kill, a live animal, or simply trying to get around. Then, BAM! Grill of a car. You just have to check this story out. Thanks to a wildlife officer, the hawk went to a rehab center and was cared for, and the driver was able to get on about their day.

No bunny for this hawk today.