WATCH: Caiman Devours Massive Yellow Anaconda

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Hal Beral /VW Pics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

What’s scarier than an encounter with a anaconda? A jacare caiman capable of devouring such a powerful predator for lunch. The below clip sees one of these crocodilian reptiles as it transports its kill, a 12-foot yellow anaconda, to a riverbank where it chomps down on the slithery creature’s neck.

Anacondas aren’t venomous. However, they are still talented hunters, capable of taking down massive prey. That said, according to the post above, which features on the Instagram page NatureIsMetal, yellow anacondas in particular make decent prey for many animals.

In addition to the caiman, yellow anacondas make a hearty meal for animals like foxes, larger anacondas, jags, mountain lions, canids, otters, herons, and raptors. All in all, the yellow anaconda is as often the hunted as it is the hunter. Fortunately, the page states the snakes are “prolific breeders.” So even though they serve as prey for numerous predators, they reproduce quickly enough that their population isn’t threatened.

The green anaconda, on the other hand, is a much more dangerous foe. These massive snakes can grow upwards of 29 feet in length and can weigh as much as, and even more than, 550 pounds. So, while a mountain lion can make a quick meal out of the yellow anaconda, a mountain lion can make just as quick a meal for a talented green anaconda.

Social Media Reacts to Caiman’s Lunch

Given that anacondas and caimans are both commendable hunters, many viewers were shocked to see the scaley reptile devouring the yellows spotted snake. After viewing the clip, many of those individuals took to the comments with some diverse reactions.

One Instagram user wrote, “The worst. A reptile eating a reptile. Gives me the hibby jibbies.”

Another added, “[Wasn’t] sure who won this fight until I read the caption!”

Others, however, had more hysterical comments to contribute to the online conversation following the viral video.

“The caiman version of Mom’s Spaghetti,” wrote a third follower.

One other user shared their perspective of these top-notch predators out of Florida. They wrote, “What’s crazy is apparently in Florida there’s now a bunch of big snakes that are eating gators. It’s becoming the reverse of this.”

How true that is, we’ll have to wait and see. However, one thing is for sure, and that’s that we would hate to be that caiman’s lunch right now.

Anaconda Bites Tour Guide After Launching Out of the Water

Some anacondas are better predators than others, and that was proven earlier this summer when an anaconda in Brazil launched itself at a tour guide and bit him in the face. He recounted the scary experience to Jam Press.

Guiding a boat full of anglers through the waters in the central Brazilian state of Goías, he pointed out the snake.

“I said, ‘Look, guys, an anaconda is over there, I’m going to film it for you to see.”

Unfortunately, things quickly became chaotic.

“When I was filming the anaconda,” the guide continued, “she pulled away and I saw that she was about to strike.”

Things, fortunately, settled rather quickly afterward, the snake retreating back into the water. However, they’re still deadly creatures and pose a threat to humans that get too close.