WATCH: Calf Escapes From Moving Trailer on Highway, Strangers Stop to Rescue

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

A viral video shows a courageous calf attempting to jump from a moving trailer on an Interstate near Boston and ultimately succeeding. The car’s dashcam footage shows the stunt unfold, with the cow peeking out carefree before it finally decides to make its escape. Since then, this furry friend has become a global celebrity among both bovines and human beings alike.

The incident occurred as the truck was exiting Georgetown. At first sight, it appears as if the driver of the trailer didn’t notice the calf leaping from his vehicle. The bovine didn’t appear to be injured from its escape and happy to roam around the high-speed road. Although, the cars driving behind the trailer managed to avoid a wreck because they were going at a slow speed. Everyone else stopped so no one would get hurt.

The state police were called to the scene. However, it was the owner of the calf who actually managed to catch it. Following the stunt, there is also video footage showing what happened next. It turns out that it didn’t take long for the owner to retrieve his cow and clear the road. ABC News shared the action-packed footage on Twitter.

Fortunately, the drivers who observed the calf slipping through the open door were able to bring their vehicles to a safe stop. This gave the bovine’s owners sufficient time to remove it from the high-speed route safely. Amazingly, nobody was injured. Massachusetts State Police state that the road was already back to normal when they got there.

Another high profile calf escape

Of course, the above calf isn’t the only cow to make a leap of faith while being transported, In 2019, a cow in New Jersey escaped a cattle truck on its way to a slaughterhouse and gave birth to a calf at an animal rescue facility. Mike Stura, the founder of the Wantage sanctuary, was moved by the new calf, named Winter. “She’s beautiful,” Stura said. “She ended up safe. It’s fortunate.”

Winter’s mother, later named Brianna, escaped a cattle truck on Route 80 as it was making its way to a slaughterhouse. Almost all of the on-duty cops in the region responded to a request for an injured cow and encouraged her across Route 80.

Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale stated that one state trooper tried to hold the cow, but was unsuccessful. “He tried to get around it and hold it, and then he’s riding it like a bull down Route 80,” Speziale explained.

Speziale stated that Brianna had forcefully opened the door to the trailer and leaped onto the highway, reports The event of trying to get the cow back over the guardrail was caught on camera. Law enforcement could be seen struggling to relocate the cow. The police eventually resorted to using a tow strap. This was after officer Brian Culmone’s failed attempt at lassoing the cow and restraining her.

The police director said no one was killed or injured in the accident. He thanked emergency personnel for their quick response. The cow was hitched to a tow truck and taken to Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage where she received medical attention.